1991 Eagle Talon - Mitsubishi Eclipse manual trouble codes and TPS testing

For those of you with my eBook. Refer to Section 7 "Potentiometers" for more on what I am doing in this video. Also covered is how to retrieve trouble codes without a scan tool on an early model Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon

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2001 Toyota ECHO Power Steering Pressure Sensor Test
Here is part two of the Toyota Echo that had the bad block ground. This one deals with the power steering pressure sensor code. Use this video to support sections 8 (pressure sensors) 7 (potentiometers) and 10 (signal circuit integrity testing) in my eBook.

Chrysler Hall Effect Sensor Testing Part I (crank sensor)
1997 Jeep 4.0 Crank Sensor Testing

Honda Civic 1.7 (start, run, stall case study)
For more on no start diagnostics go to www.scannerdanner.com A special thanks to the following for outstanding information and support: International Automotive Technician Network (iATN) PicoAuto.com Aeswave.com Mitchell-On Demand Snap-On tools This video covers a wide range of testing procedures. The following are shown: How to test fuel pressure How to test for injection pulse with a test light How to test for a plugged Exhaust How to test to see if you are losing spark How to test compression How to test for compression using an in-cylinder pressure transducer How to test cam timing

2000 Chevy S10 2.2L No Start (Part I)
For more on Engine Performance Diagnostics check out www.scannerdanner.com This video is part one of a two part series. The following testing methods are shown: How to check for spark, how to test if an engine is getting fuel when a test port is not available, how to perform a relative compression test with a picoscope, how to test if ignition timing is correct using a scope, how to test a 7x crank sensor, and how to test a hall effect cam sensor. I also show some of variables to the relative compression/timing test and how the results at times can be misleading.