1991 Eagle Talon - Mitsubishi Eclipse manual trouble codes and TPS testing

For those of you with my eBook. Refer to Section 7 "Potentiometers" for more on what I am doing in this video. Also covered is how to retrieve trouble codes without a scan tool on an early model Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon

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Throttle position sensor quick test
TPS open and short circuit testing How to test the integrity of the TPS signal wire without using an ohmmeter.

Prueba Sensor TPS
Pruebas del sensor TPS o Sensor de Posición de aceleración. Cuando falla el sensor TPS se incrmeenta el consumo de combustible, para probarlo debemos medir su resistencia con un multímetro. Más información: http://www.autodaewoospark.com/sensor-TPS.php

How to self diagnostic engine trouble codes on any OBD2 Mitsubishi
As U can see 2 long flashes 4 short its code 24 and its repeating meaning there only one trouble code stored in the ECU. Sometimes there will be 2, 3, could be even more. So wait until the first codes is repeated that would mean ECU have all of them displayed. Constant short flashing means no codes.

Leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator (symptoms and testing)
This video is a good review of one of the testing procedures I have in my ebook, which can be purchased from my website at www.scannerdanner.com One test in particular is how to determine if an oxygen sensor is lying or not. (fixed rich O2 signal)