Step #1 Porsche 914-6 911 oil tank restoration process, Motor Meister

The Porsche 911 and 914-6 uses a dry sump oil tank system to feed oil to the Porsche engine. Many Porsches are 20, 30 or even over 40 years old and the oil tank will be contaminated with foreign debris or worse metal particles that will get caught in your Porsche bearings. You can check your oil tank by simply putting your finger in the drain plug hole and feeling around looking for grit, metal or sometimes a hardlike candy feeling substance. The finished product is a perfectly clean oil tank that will deliver clean filtered oil to your Porsche. An affordable alternative to a over $1000 new oil tank.

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Step #2 Porsche 911 oil tank "HOT TANK" restoration process, Motor Meister
Porsche 911 oil tank "HOT TANK" restoration process. Product hot tank to remove all external and internal foreign debris which just cleaning will not do.The finished product is a perfectly clean oil tank that will deliver clean filtered oil to your Porsche. An affordable alternative to a over $1000 new oil tank.

Porsche 914 Hunt for rust 4
Continuing saga of the examination of my Porsche 914 before attempting a restoration.

JRT CUSTOMS new 2014 race engine.
JRT CUSTOMS DRAG SR20VET 2.32L Dry Sump Race ENGINE -Garrett Twin Scroll Custom GTX4202R 1.44 A/R Ported turbo 5" inlet w/ speed sensor -Kelford 184TK turbo Camshafts VVL Killer 292/303 Duration -Supertech Valve Guides -Supertech Valve Seals -Supertech Dual Valve Springs 123lb -Supertech Titanium Valve Spring Retainers -Supertech +1mm Intake / +2mm Exhuast Valves -Race Port & Polish -5 angle valve job -Tomei adjustable cam gears -APEXi Metal Head Gasket 1.1 mm -ACL Calico Coated 5 hole main bearings -ACL Calico Coated 19mm rod bearings -ACL Calico Coated Thrust bearings -CP Custom 90mm forged pistons -Carrillo Pro H Rods w/ CARR Bolts -Darton Sleeves bored 90mm -ARE 4 Stage dry sump pump 1.5" sections. -ARE Cast aluminum dry sump pan. -Mazworx Hall sensor kit. -Mazworx ATI 7" Race Super Damper -Mazworx SR 91mm Stroker Crankshaft - 90mm bore x 91mm stroke = 2.32L -Mazworx OEM s13 sr20 block 90mm bore w/ step deck, 1/2 main/head studs -Mazworx 1/2" Head Stud Kit -Mazworx ARP main stud kit -Mazworx Billet oil filter block off plate. -Mazworx Billet oil pump bracket -Mazworx Billet ATI dry sump pump drive -Mazworx Billet water pump block off plate -Mazworx Billet timing chain tensioner -Mazworx / JRT Customs SR20VET Race Port Intake manifold with 8 ID2000 Injectors -Mazworx Billet Top feed fuel rails -10AN lines -Mazworx Billet water inlet and outlet blocks. Removes Thermostat -Mazworx Billet VVL block off plate -Petersons 1.5 gallon Drag dry sump tank -JRT CUSTOMS / Earls -12an Braided oil lines -RMR Ross Machine Racing Billet 90mm Throttle body -AEM Engine Managment System Series 2 with wideband o2 A/F gauge -AEM Twin Fire Ignition Module -AEM CDI Pencil Coils -AEM Boost Controller -AEM 5 Bar map sensor -AEM 4 channel K-type thermocouple amplifier -AEM K-type thermocouple EGT Probes 1 per cylinder. -Denso Iridium Plugs Heat Range 9 -Full Race Twin Scroll T4 dual waste gate turbo manifold -JRT Customs 4" Polished SS Mandrel Bent turboBack Exhaust w/ EVAC -Tial Twin 44mm external wastegates -Tial 50mm racing BOV "Blow Off Valve" -Chiseled Performance IC2000 Water to Air Intercooler setup -Chiseled Performance 7 gallon water/ice cell with rule 3700 gph pump -Meziere electric water pump -Aeromotive AEI-13113 Ultra High Flow Adjustable EFI Regulator -Aeromotive AEI-11107 Billet Hex Drive Fuel Pump -8 Injector Dynamics ID2000 2200cc Injectors on Methanol -Mazworx Z32 Transmission adapter kit -Mazworx Short Shifter Kit -Nissan Z32 Transmission -Driveshaft Shop 1pc Carbon Fiber driveshaft -AASCO Custom Lightweight Flywheel for 7.25" clutch -TILTON 7.25" Carbon Tripple disk UGG Clutch -ARP flywheel bolts -ARP polished ss 300 12 point bolt kit -JRT Customs 10an SS braided fuel lines -OEM new timing chain -OEM new timing chain guides -Greddy 18.5 psi Radiator Cap -KOYO Aluminum Polished Radiator Custom -16an fittings -JRT Customs 3.5" Aluminum CHARGE PIPES -JRT Customs 5" Carbon Fiber turbo inlet pipe -JRT Customs -12an Vented Valve Cover -JRT Customs -16an BRAIDED Radiator hoses -JRT Customs Steel Braided Clutch Line Kit -JRT Customs Solid Motor Mounts -JRT Customs Solid Transmission Mount -XS Power XP1000 16 Volt Racing Battery -Royal Purple oil filter -Royal Purple XPR 20W 50 Synthetic Oil -Twin 8" Flex-A-Lite S-Blade Electric Fans -VP M1 Methanol race fuel

Assembling Porsche 914 shortblock
Shortblock assembly of my Porsche 914 engine rebuild. For more, visit: