DSM fun runs

White 1g DSM is mine, daily driven...2g is a good friend of mine from Cali (/// BBR)red 1g is another friend, wrx is a buddy too...sti idk..Mustang same..Slowbalt SS is the turbo version, makes 315whp or something like that.... built motor on both DSM's GT series turboners 35R's, DSMLINK, pump gas! except the red one, that thing is always on race gas. enjoy!! leave me comments whether positive or negative.

More Videos...

Strictly Modified DSM
Strictly Modified DSM goes 10.3 same car that did a 10 sec pass on a big 16g. now with a gt35r

DSM Reconstruction Part 1
Installing everything from HKS, Precision T3 GT30r, some stuff from Shearer Fab, and some other things.

Evil_Eagle's 2006 Season Compilation
This is evil_eagle and his talon, those are his runs and a preview of whats to come for the '07 race season.

4G63 DSM 6-Bolt Rebuild From Ground Up
Video is about my new rebuilt 6-Bolt 4G63 DSM motor to swap in my 94 Talon Tsi AWD turbo.. I love building 4G63 motors ;) Enjoy! Like IVLEGAL RACING on Facebook! @ Facebook.com/IVLEGALRacin Song is: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons