Panoz GTR-1 Tribute

Here is a little tribute to a great car maker. This video is also part of a contest, hence the credits. 4-23-09 EDIT: Wow! Over 3,000 views! Thanks everyone! 1-2-10 EDIT: 10k views?! OMGWTFBBQ

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GT6 - Spirit Of Le Mans Ep.2 - Panoz GTR-1
Episode two of a brand new Gran Turismo 6 video series, wherein I will be assesing the merits and drawbacks of each major Le Mans Prototype on GT6. This episode features the 1998 Panoz GTR-1. Ratings : Acceleration - 3/5 Top Speed - 3/5 Low End Handling - 3/5 Mid Range Handling - 4/5 High End Handling - 4/5 Brakes - 4/5 Drivability - 4/5 City Circuits - 3/5 Technical Circuits - 4/5 High Speed Circuits - 4/5 Overall Rating - 3.6 / 5.0 Lap Times : Monaco - 1:26.771 Ascari - 1:52.070 Spa Francorchamps - 2:05.759 __________ Vine : Hammer Studios Personal FB : mike.hamer.311 Official FB : Twitter : @CORRUPTED_DISC IG : Hammer_Studios FightMe App : Hammer Studios Google+ : Hammer Studios PSN : CORRUPTED_DISC XBL : CORRUPTED DISC GTPlanet : CORRUPTEDDISC

The sound of Panoz(Le mans car)
Recorded at Kirke vaerloese airstrip

Panoz Esperante GTR-1 - Panoz
Dr. Don Panoz talks about the best moments from the history of the Panoz GTR1 race car #66. Learn more about Panoz sports cars - America's Most Exclusive Sports Car by visiting Do you love the Panoz sports cars, then follow us on Facebook:

Mazda Furai Concept w/ rotary sound
Mazda Furai concept car in action and Franz von Holzhausen, Mazda's North American director of design, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.