Corolla 4AGZE 200hp sound perfecto

Corolla runs at Kymis Ave. Nice Sound!

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Supercharged 4A-GZE Corolla takeoff 0.8bar boost

1994 Corolla 4agze
This is just a quick run before i pull the motor out and go through it again, nothing great but it's a fun cruiser. Enjoy! 4agze DLI Map E58 LSD Nevo Crank pulley, CAI, Cusco header Stock TMI

4a-gze test drive
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4AGE 20V & 4AGZE Supercharged Dyno Shootout
This video is a compilation of 4AGE 20V and 4AGZE during a Dyno shootout on Dyno Dynamics machine. All three of the 20Vs that were on the video made between 137-155whp max. The GZE was having some issues with the rev limiter but still managed to pump out about 150whp at 6000rpm.