Ford HEI Distributor

Ford HEI Distributor .I made this video to show you my ford HEI distributor. These are made with a HEI ,Chevy style top and a ford distributor bottom. I wanted this so it would be easy to water proof.With a regular Ford distributor it is harder to water proof because of the coil wire.

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HEI Ignition Tips for Your Engine
Nothing proves engine theories or new parts like a little Dyno time. horsepower Monster decided to take a closer look at ignitions in general and the ever popular HEI ignition in particular. We also tested a stock unit against a high-performance unit from Performance Distributors, and the Dyno proved that all HEI ignitions are not created equal. We're constantly uploading great new videos. Please subscribe so you won't miss out! MORE INTERNET GOODNESS: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: Instagram:

Ford 460 HEI swap. 77 F350. Part 1
First video. Swapping out to HEI distributor in 1977 Ford F350. With a 460.

How to wire an HEI Distributer
Craig Darpino from American Autowire shows how to properly wire an HEI distributer.

How To Install A Ford Mustang Distributor And Set Timing Mustangs Plus wants to help you install your Ford Mustang distributor and set your timing properly. Mustang Plus has many years of experience installing Mustang parts, and restoring classic Mustangs. Mark will show you how to install your Mustang distributor in several easy steps. Mark will also demonstrate how to set your Ford Mustang timing properly. To see our selection of our Mustang distributors go to: