cars in barns the ones i saved #2/ 2009

its a year later and still savin them from crusher i've sold some for resto but still bringin more home home

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Barn Find G.T.O
Pulling a 1965 Pontiac G.T.O convertible out of its resting place.

chevys in the barn (all forgotten)
dont forget thoose cars!

Forgotten Cars (Real) Copyright 2009

old cars
he died and she sold the farm, the crusher was ordered and was due to arive in a week. $50 bux a car, 500 plus to choose from. I got the list through the club and called her for the 70 satalite, she said its still here. I drove 5 hours only to see that the car was there but completly unuseable. (its the blue fcked up car on its side... look for it). so I loaded up the blue 65 polara convert for a parts car for my other one.