HiPerformanceDiesel.com 1978 Ford 521ci Sled Pulling Truck

8,800 RPM and 935 HP. Stock 460 block 30 over and 521ci stroker with Flow Technologies EX514 heads and a Pro-Systems Dominator. This is the engine break in run before we had a bed on her. This was one heck of a max effort stock block engine and it lasted 13 hooks before the #7 rod bearing spun and caused catastrophic damage. Also notice the 4 link rear suspension with no leaf springs... that is riding on Air Bags! This was build 1 of 2. The next build was much more interesting!

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Top 7 Brand New Pickup Trucks for 2017: Counted Down
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Thunderstruck Truck Pull - Ford 477 Open Stock
Green Valley Open Stock Class -Thunderstruck 1st Place. This is me pulling "Thunderstruck." One of our three fords

1976 ford f-250 390 4speed highboy project first pull ever
i am the 2nd owner of this solid old truck. it just rained and it has bald 33'' bfg a/t tires. hopefully do better next year with the 500 horse motor, better tires and without the clutch slipping

Full Pull Productions, Clarion County, Pa, RWYB, Gas vs. Diesel, 7/31/10
1 Crystal Zedreck Chevy Little Irish II FP/297.46 2 Jeremy Davis 98 Dodge All Torqued Up FP/285.71 3 Doug Martin 1978 Chevy Hoffman's Auto - Orange FP/282.25 4 Jack Keihl 80 Chevy Size Matters 295.75 5 Sam Tatalovic 85 Chevy White Night 294.05 6 Jim Tudor Ford Unleashed 290.99 7 Keith Hinchberger 77 Ford Teal 289.01 8 Jason Shirey 69 Ford Rough Rider 279.56 9 Eric Berkey 1950 Chevy Yellow 272.71 10 Scott Walter 01 Dodge Old Blue Exp. II 257.98 11 Bill Bowser 01 Dodge Old Blue Exp. I 253.73 12 Mark Tatalovic Dodge Mighty Mouse 218.63 13 Bill Bowser 01 Dodge It Ain't Blue But It'll Do 215.35 14 Billy DeBlasio 95 Dodge XDP Sponsor 111.73