HiPerformanceDiesel.com 1978 Ford 521ci Sled Pulling Truck

8,800 RPM and 935 HP. Stock 460 block 30 over and 521ci stroker with Flow Technologies EX514 heads and a Pro-Systems Dominator. This is the engine break in run before we had a bed on her. This was one heck of a max effort stock block engine and it lasted 13 hooks before the #7 rod bearing spun and caused catastrophic damage. Also notice the 4 link rear suspension with no leaf springs... that is riding on Air Bags! This was build 1 of 2. The next build was much more interesting!

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Big Cypress Gas Trucks
Couple of the Florida gas trucks. Only in the SOUTH !

Full Pull Productions, Clarion County, Pa, RWYB, Gas vs. Diesel, 7/31/10
1 Crystal Zedreck Chevy Little Irish II FP/297.46 2 Jeremy Davis 98 Dodge All Torqued Up FP/285.71 3 Doug Martin 1978 Chevy Hoffman's Auto - Orange FP/282.25 4 Jack Keihl 80 Chevy Size Matters 295.75 5 Sam Tatalovic 85 Chevy White Night 294.05 6 Jim Tudor Ford Unleashed 290.99 7 Keith Hinchberger 77 Ford Teal 289.01 8 Jason Shirey 69 Ford Rough Rider 279.56 9 Eric Berkey 1950 Chevy Yellow 272.71 10 Scott Walter 01 Dodge Old Blue Exp. II 257.98 11 Bill Bowser 01 Dodge Old Blue Exp. I 253.73 12 Mark Tatalovic Dodge Mighty Mouse 218.63 13 Bill Bowser 01 Dodge It Ain't Blue But It'll Do 215.35 14 Billy DeBlasio 95 Dodge XDP Sponsor 111.73

1976 ford f-250 390 4speed highboy project first pull ever
i am the 2nd owner of this solid old truck. it just rained and it has bald 33'' bfg a/t tires. hopefully do better next year with the 500 horse motor, better tires and without the clutch slipping

Lil Whitey, 6200 Modified 4x4 truck pull, Marshall, MI Maiden Voyage
Lil Whitey, 6200 Modified 4x4 truck pull, 2nd place