worlds fastest omni.wmv

Worlds fastest 5 speed omni? If not it soon will be

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SRT-4 Dodge Omni swap pt1 GLH SRT4 Neon
2.4 Dodge Neon SRT4 engine swap into an L body Omni GLH GLHS horizon charger

13 hp turbo go kart part 4 0001
hi there this is part 4 of the go kart videos shows the engine with turbo on it .............

Buick LeSabre T-Type L67 M90 Start up with slight whine
Here is my 1988 Buick LeSabre T-Type L67 swap 2nd start up. 1st had no Exhaust on it. This one has a 3" down to the the stock 2 1/4" Exhaust. Full 3" is in the plans. Here is the list of what I've done: Refreshed L67 block, ring, bearings, stock bottom end ARP head studs, re build heads S1X cam with 105# springs Rebuild trans w/2,750 ZZP torque converter stall Transgo shift kit ZZP headers Gen III M90 SC ported inlet and outlet Northstar throttle body 42.5lbs injectors with 255lph walboro fuel pump (GSS307) 3.4 MPS 104 autolites w/ZZP wires Aluminum knuckles from a 2000+ h-body Aluminum dual piston Camaro calipers Regal AGX struts/B&G lowering springs

1978 Dodge Omni vs VW Rabbit Golf & Toyota & Datsun Chi Chi Rodrigeuz
This Dodge Promo film was made in the Fall of 1977 for the January 1978 Introduction of the Dodge Omni. Chrysler Corporation introduced it's first world car'. This car was in production from Fall of 77 till Spring of 89. They were sold as Dodge Omni, Plymouth Horizon, Chrysler Horizon in the UK and the Simca Talbot Horizon in France. 165,000 cars were sold in the USA in it's first year of production. The US version used a VW engine block with Chrysler Parts attached which is kind of ironic considering that they are comparing the car to the VW Rabbit (Golf) in this film. Chi Chi Rodriguez does the intro for this film. Wink Martindale does the voice over for this. These films were produced by the Roy Ross Advertising agency for Chrysler. They were filmed in Palm Springs. Apologies for the bad sound quality after about 3 minutes, it's a film that's over 30 years old.