2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE - Autoweek at the track

Road test editor Jonathan Wong takes the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE out to the track. The big question: Is it a viable competitor to the Ford Mustang Boss 302? For more on the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120919/CARREVIEWS/120919961?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social

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2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible - Autoweek on the back roads
Road test editor Jonathan Wong takes the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 convertible on the back roads to see how it handles. Bottom line? If you want a muscle car with over 500 horsepower and it has to be a convertible, this is your car. For the full review: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120925/CARREVIEWS/120929885?utm_source=yo utube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social

2013 Ford Fusion hybrid boasts 47 mpg fuel economy - Autoweek TV with Andrew Stoy
The 2013 Ford Fusion hybrid flirts with 50 miles per gallon ... Lexus shows us its new concept car ahead of the Paris motor show ... And the Nissan DeltaWing is ready to go racing again. Plenty of carmakers brag about getting 40 miles per gallon. But Ford is closing in on the 50-mpg mark -- and not with a stripped-down compact either. Ford says the hybrid version of the redesigned Fusion sedan has been certified to deliver 47 mpg in city, highway and combined driving. That gives the Fusion a 4 mile per gallon advantage in city driving over the Toyota Camry hybrid. Of course, the regular Fusion is a gas-sipper, too. The base turbocharged 1.6-liter four-banger gets up to 37 mpg on the highway. The new Fusion will be in dealer showrooms about a month from now. More on the Fusion at autoweek.com: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120716/CARNEWS/120719895?utm_source=youtu be&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social. Press preview days for the Paris motor show are about a week away, which means automakers sending out first looks at some of their new cars. Among them is Lexus, which is bringing a new concept car to Paris -- the LF-CC coupe. At first glance we see this concept as a preview for a redesign of the Lexus IS. But styling cues from the previous Lexus LF-LC concept are evident too. The LF-CC rolls with, what else? A hybrid powertrain -- in this case a four-cylinder gasoline engine mated to an electric motor. Check out all the news from the Paris motor show at http://www.autoweek.com/section/paris?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social& utm_campaign=social. Finally for today, the ground-breaking . You'll remember that the DeltaWing, with its long nose and closely spaced front wheels, first took on the world at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But its race was over early after being forced off the track and damaged beyond repair. Now Nissan, which has supplied money and engines to the DeltaWing project, says the car will race in the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in mid-October. The Petit Le Mans runs for 10 hours and 1,000 miles. Get all the details on the DeltaWing's return at http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120917/ALMS/120919843?utm_source=youtube& utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social.

2014 Jaguar F-Type sheds its camouflage in leaked photos - Autoweek TV with Greg Migliore
Also in this episode: A 1960 Corvette raced by Briggs Cunnigham is locked in a complicated court battle, and the Porsche 918 hybrid supercar posts a speedy lap time at the Nurburgring. --The F-type is out --A famous Corvette is heading to court --And, the Porsche 918 racks up an impressive time at the 'Ring I'm Greg Migliore. This is Autoweek TV. Jaguar's next great sports car has been revealed a bit early on the Internet. The F-type is supposed to break cover at the Paris motor show, but a shot of three of them is already out. It looks like the heavily camo-ed car that we've seen in spy shots. This is supposed to be the next great Jaguar sports car. Come back to us for more details in Paris. More information on the F-Type: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120919/CARNEWS/120919811?utm_source=youtu be&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social Speaking of sports cars: The 1960 Corvette raced by Briggs Cunningham at Le Mans is now in court. It's complicated, but there are two cases in federal and state court contesting ownership. This racer didn't finish at Le Mans, but it's still believed to be very valuable once it's restored. There's a lot of legalese and conspiracy theories involved here. One of the parties is even claiming the police department is helping to hide the car! Check out our story on the website and in the Sept. 17 issue of Autoweek. Read more on the saga of the Cunningham Corvette: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120919/CARNEWS/120919812?utm_source=youtu be&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social Plus, Porsche is claiming a rapid time of 7:14 on the Nurburgring. That's pretty fast, though there are still questions about exactly how the prototype was equipped. Regardless, this blitzes the Carrera GT by about 18 seconds as far as 'Ring times. More on the Porsche's lap around the 'Ring: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120919/CARNEWS/120919813?utm_source=youtu be&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social That's it for today. Check out all of our related videos on autoweek.com. Enjoy the Drive.

Brad Keselowski drives to victory at Chicagoland Speedway - Autoweek TV with Jake Lingeman
Also in this episode: Ryan Hunter-Reay is the IndyCar series champion, and the ALMS GT Class finishes up for the season after a race at Virginia International Raceway. --Keselowski leads the Chase in NASCAR --Ryan Hunter-Reay took the series championship in IndyCar --And one class of ALMS wrapped the title up while two will go down to the final race I'm Jake here with a Monday edition of Autoweek TV. Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. Brad Keselowski took the checkered flag away from Jimmie Johnson at Chicagoland Speedway this weekend in the first race of the Chase for the Championship. With about 25 laps to go Keselowski took the lead and added three seconds over runner up Johnson before crossing the line. Keselowksi's now in first place in the standings, with Jimmie Johnson second, Tony Stewart third and Denny Hamlin fourth. In IndyCar it was Ryan Hunter-Reay who won the series championship after coming in fourth place. He came back from slow early start and worked up to fifth place when Alex Tagliani lost an engine, giving Hunter-Reay the lead, which he extended by passing Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan and Takuma Sato shortly after. It was Hunter-Reay's first title at age 31, the fourth for Andretti Autosport. Corvette Racing's Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner clinched the GT title in the American Le Mans Series race at Virginia International Raceway. The pair led twice from more than three hours and stop looking back at the one-hour, 15-minute mark. The P1 and P2 championships will come down to the season's finale at Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. In P1, the team of Lucas Luhr and Klaus Graf is first with Chris Dyson and Guy Smith behind while in P2 Christophe Bouchut and Scott Tucker lead with David Heinemeier Hansson and Martin Plowman in second. The final race takes place October 20, and will be on ABC the 21st at 1 pm Eastern. Thanks for watching, make sure to check out our related videos section at autoweek.com. Congratulations to CJ Spiller for having 28 points in my fantasy league, and remember to enjoy the drive.