gsr with b16 head (poor mans)

This is my poor mans type r on hondata itr ecu. p30 pistons, ran short on length so didnt wrap up 5th

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poor mans type r
7 second...2nd, 3rd, start of 4th (40-100mph pull) 1999 b16 head ctr cams sk2 intake mani bwr 70mm tb s2000 intake gsr block srp 10.5:1 pistons eagle rods acl bearings 81.5mm bore gapless rings 9.5lb flywheel cc stage 4 itr replica header no name 2.5" Exhaust skunk2 chipped ecu solid mounts made 190whp del sol fives wrapped in federal 155/50r14 speedworld track times: 2.09 60ft 13.4 @ 105.8 beat a vette c6 base to get the time he ran 13.99 @ 104 taped with helmet cam lol

B16 head B18 block
Just put a Vtec head on first kick at 44 seconds

99 Gsr b16 head vs Gsr stock

PoorMan's Type-R Integra VS GTI 1.8T(150HP)
A DC2 Integra GS-R with a B16 head with bolt-ons and untuned takes on a stock 2001 1.8T that has 150Hp