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GT Falcon XB Tuff
My old XBGT falcon its been sold for a couple of years but found this old footage to share.

Rebuilding a falcon coupe
Full Of Rust and Dirt (WAS past tence...) The start of the long journey that is classic car rebuilding.. This was started in 1998 and is by no means finished.. Have got it painted and assembled but still a long way to go. I have owned this car since I was 18 and it had a hard life. I ended up buying an XC ex-police interceptor (see other uploads) but one day will get it powered up under its own steam...

Falcon XA GT in East Coast Targa presents film footage of a ford xa gt falcon coupe sliding and driving hard in the 2005 East Coast Targa.

XB Ford Coupe
Pictures of a ford XB Coupe rebuild to the music of AC/DC back in black.