Grip - BMW M6 G-POWER 800PS

BMW M6 G-Power 800HP / 800PS

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G-POWER M6 V10 HURRICANE RRs - 1001 PS (736 kW)/ 900 Nm - unbelievable acceleration!
G-POWER M6 V10 E63 with SK III RRS Bi-Kompressor system... G-POWER M6 V10 E63 mit SK III RRS Bi-Kompressorsystem... ... The Formula 1 like numbers of 1001 hp / 736 kW and 900 Nm of torque ensure that the G-POWER M6 V10 HURRICANE RRS is actually as fast as it looks. With an optional taller final drive, it can achieve a top speed of more than 370 km/h. ...Nicht weniger als Formel 1 verdächtige 1001 PS / 736 kW, gepaart mit der Gewalt von 900 Nm, stellen sicher, dass der G-POWER M6 V10 HURRICANE RRs auf Wunsch über 370 km/h schnell ist.

BMW M6 G-Power 800hp vs Porsche GT3RS -GRIP
BMW M6 G-Power 800hp vs Porsche GT3RS -GRIP

Grip BMW M5 G Power 750 PS
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G-Power BMW M6 800 HP - Acceleration, Exhaust Noise
With 800 HP, 1050 NM and 330 KM/H top speed, G-Power BMW M6 F12 is certainly one of the most ferocious 6 Series Bimmers in the world, and definitely one of the quickest convertibles. G-POWER increased the output of the 4.4 litre TwinPower turbo BMW M V8 motor from 560 hp to 800 hp, with torque up from 680 Nm to a stump pulling 1,050 Nm. With this output figures the G-POWER M6 Convertible is on the same level as the legendary G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR with Bi-Kompressor system which still owns the world record for the fastest sedan in the world with a top speed of 372,1 km/h. The bespoke mapping of the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 2 V4 maximises the potential of these hardware changes, releasing the full efficiency of the engine within calculated limits that respect the long term engine and drivetrain reliability. Governed by the ECU parameters, these numbers were judged to be 800 hp, with 1,050 Nm of torque, more than sufficient to confirm the G-POWER M6 as one of the fastest, four-seat convertibles in the world. Subscribe to our channel Visit our website