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Old Top Gear Land Rover Discovery

Old Top Gear from 1998 Tiff Needell roadtests the Land Rover Discovery This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 1st October 1998


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Land Rover Discovery destruction #2 'SUICIDE HILL'
After surviving the 'death jump' Toms Discovery faces it,s next ordeal, a massive hill climb known as 'SUICIDE HILL' is there anything that can stop this awesome machine? #3 coming soon!

Land Rover Discovery Review (1998)
Chris Goffey takes a look at the 1998 Land Rover Discovery.

Land Rover Discovery 2
Here we have the offical launch film from Land Rover of the Discovery 2. Still a fab 4x4 today and still my favouit out of the 4 Discoveries. http://land-rover-dc100.blogspot.com/

Land Rover old vs new

Diff Locks Last Stand!
Land Rover engineers designed a completely stupid, illogical, vulnerable, flimsy, cluttered up, zero room to work and down right amatuerish linkage for diff-lock and low box engagement! One lever, dual operation is utter rubbish, flimsy and of such poor design it is prone to selection/deselection issues at some point. Sadly, the previous owners of the "green goddess" never used low box or diff lock. This left me with an unpleasant legacy which was waiting to go wrong, when I used either or both those features. Saying that, if the man behind this design came upto me and tried to justify his work I would parcel him up and send him back to Japan! He must have been working for a Jap company as a mole/spy. I cannot believe how it got signed off? Maybe he played some cunning cards to sell the idea of dual operation? Anyway, the problem is not cured yet, this is only part two, part one never got videoed and part three is waiting like a football sized boil on my arse. Having got it out of diff lock, my next problem is to get the linkage working again. My one size fits all spanner (Fein angle grinder) might make another appearance to exorcise this devil and expose the entire linkage for me to see the extent of this cancerous problem on my gearbox. Apologies for the swearing but my patience x frustration x restriction x access x poor design = A short tempered, angry and dangerous DingleZilla! At least you know what you have coming if you don't use the levers or if the thing is stuck or you have similar problems to mine.

Land Rover Excursion LandRovering.com
Off Roading adventure in the swamps of Champions Gate Florida. Ben Dan and Stewart taking their Land Rovers to the limit. Some times we do get stuck, but that's half the fun. See more fun @ LandRovering.com

Fifth Gear - Land Rover Discovery 3
Fifth Gear's Tom Ford test drives the Land Rover Discovery 3

Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser - autocar.co.uk
Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser - which is the ultimate off-roader? Full story, pictures and more videos at http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/248457/

Land Rover Discovery High and Low Range
PLEASE READ :) Using the standard LT230T Transfer case in a Land Rover Discovery. If you have any questions or would like a video in a different Land Rover just let me know. WARNING DO NOT ENGAGE THE CENTRE LOCKING DIFF ON CLOSED SURFACES! ONLY USE THE CENTRE LOCKING DIFF ON UNEVEN TERRAIN. THIS WAS DONE IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY!!!! PLEASE ONLY TRY THIS OFFROAD AND ON THE PROPER TERRAIN. For more information please refer to your owners manual and do not force anything if you are unsure.

Top Gear -- Britains Best 4X4 (1998)
Because of the fact that I didn't found this video on youtube anymore and that I downloaded it when it still was there on youtube, i thought: lets upload it .. Jeremy Clarksons compares some well know 4x4: in order: 1. Range Rover 2. Nissan Patrol 3. Ford Explorer 4. Isuzu Trooper 5. Jeep Grand Cherokee 6. Toyota Landcruiser (100) (go to the TopGear or BBC channel for more Top Gear videos)

Old Top Gear 1991 - Range Rovers
Quentin Wilson looks at the advantages of buying a second hand Range Rover for so cheap and looks at the potential probles you could face. Taken from season 14, episode 12.

Old Top Gear 1991 - Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover and Mercedes G Wagon
Jeremy Clarkson looks at 3 new premium SUVs - The Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and the G Wagon from Mercedes. Taken from season 14, episode 2.

Land Rover Discovery SE7--Midwest Auto Collection Video Review Chris Moran
http://www.SupercarNetwork.com In-depth look at a 2004 Land Rover Discovery SE7 AVAILABLE NOW at Midwest Auto Collection (www.midwestautocollection.com) Hosted by Chris Moran

Top gear Land Rovers
Top gear Land Rovers

Land Rover Discovery TD5 x3 & Range Rover Classic v8 ''extreme offroad''
ikizler land rover discovery td5 range rover classic twins extreme offroad mud bogging arb lockers warn sparco super swamper bogger eaton detroit no sipin td5 sound performance Exhaust v8 power britpart bearmach terrafirma mega shocks bumpers remap chip tuning td5 inside move with kayalar

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