How to lubricate caliper slider pins

Loosen caliper mounting bolts & slider pins , remove caliper, grease slider pins, re-assemble

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How to Lubricate Caliber Slider Pins (Most Overlooked Mistake)
Lubricating these caliper slider pins are one of the most important parts of doing a brake job. I've seen a lot of brake calibers lock up because brake pads were installed without cleaning and greasing these pins. I still change my brakes myself because I know the job is done right, and that gives me confidence that the car will stop appropriately. If you're new to putting brakes on, please take the time to make sure these glider pins are smoothly operating. When I first started putting brakes on I didn't do this step and sometimes you can get away with it. It's not worth it, brakes are something you want right every time. I hope you enjoy the video, please comment with techniques you have found that have helped you while changing your brakes.

Brake Caliper Slide Pin - Proper Lubricant to Prevent Rubber Swelling - Sil-Glyde
SilGlyde Link: ==================================================== In this video, I will show you the correct lubricant to use on brake caliper slide pin where it comes in contact with rubber bushings or boots. You should use Syl-Glide. Many spray lubricants and other types will cause it to swell. If your rubber bushings/boots looked swollen and out of shape, replace them with a rebuild pack (Carlson or Beck Arney).

Testing a brake caliper to see if it's sticking
I have re-made this video with a more detailed explanation. The new video is called "Trouble shooting brake caliper issues" and the link is

How to Diagnose and Repair a Sticking Brake Caliper
The common braking system uses hydraulic principles to slow or stop your vehicle. Today's modern auto incorporates electronic technologies working together with efficient hydraulics to get the job done. Diagnosing brake problems requires a good knowledge of how the system operates and experience in the field. This video looks at a Chevrolet Corvette that is pulling to the left. It had the brake pads and rotors previously changed so we dive into what is causing the car to pull.