Illuma-Fx Victory Hammer 2007.m4v

Illuma-fx is a light source embedded in automotive paint that when you stencil or airbrush an image on the top of it and color the image with transparent candy paint the image lights up. Check it out for more info at

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SEMA Show 2010: Best New Product Illuma-FX
We searched the SEMA floor high and low to find the BEST new product of SEMA. But don't just take our word on Illuma- FX. Listen to the legendary MIKE LAVALLEE OWNER & ARTIST OF KILLER PAINT talk about his initial experience with the product during a demonstration at the House Of Kolor Booth Bodyshop wreck and car insurance collision repair training education

2011 Victory Cross Country Illuma-fx Vinyl
Another great way to use the product Illuma-Fx. The product was installed on the Cross Country highway bar covers then wrapped in vinyl. A great way to change the theme of you're bike or car every few years or even months.

Victory Hammer Turbo on Dyno
Victory Hammer turbo on Dyno Vic-Tri Chief Motorcycle Workshop 320 Pacific Highway Hornsby NSW 2077 Ph#0490 137656

Victory Hammer в нашем салоне
В салон "Алекс-Драйв" приехали байки. Первый запуск Victory Hammer 1700 c