Pattaya walkingstreet 2012, From beach to beach?

Pattaya walking from beach to entertainment place and back. Cute sexy girls and presenters on the street. See the gogo places on walkingstreet.

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Ladyboys Pattaya Walking Street Thailand 2016 the best moments
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Songkran 2015 Water Battle in Pattaya, Thailand
A few impressions of the wet life in Pattaya/Thailand during Songkran, when the Thais celebrate the new year. SoundTrack Credits: Two Steps From Hell - El Dorado (looped) Check out the Extended Cut of this video here: ... With another music theme and more funny scenes.

Pattaya hey sexy maaaan
HOTEL FRANCAIS PATTAYA RIVIERA BEACH Situé à Pattaya il est tenu par 2 Français. Bar et restaurant ouvert 24H sur 24H. Point de chute des francophones, connu pour sa situation géographique proche de la plage (100 mètres), des centres commerciaux et de la Walking street pour ceux qui aime la vie nocturne.

Pattaya adult show