70ton dumper stuck in mud pulled by D10 dozer

This CAT777 dumper got stuck in a soft muddy spot and it took a D10 dozer as well as a big loader to get it out. We loaded this dumper with single wheels at the rear because owner was waiting for new tyres to be delivered. To get to the offloading point we have to cross under a bridge which is too low for us to pass under. We then offload before the bridge and the dumper drives under the bridge by its own where we load it again further to offloading point. After passing under the bridge we got stuck in a soft muddy spot. Probably would not have; if we had duals on the rear of the dumper. Dumper is working on Coal mine in South Africa near Johannesburg.

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The Biggest Bulldozer in The World - Komatsu D575A
Like my videos? Please rate, comment, share and subscribe. Komatsu D575A - is the largest bulldozer in the world. The weight of this powerful giant is 142.5 tons. The most actively used this giant American (mainly in West Virginia) and the Australian coal mining companies. In North America, it is not called a bulldozer, and superdozer (Superdozer). Height of the largest bulldozer in the world is 4.87 meters, width - more than seven meters in length - 12.7 meters. Engine power of this great machine is 1150 horsepower. Four-stroke engine has a 12th-cylinder water-cooled, direct injection and turbocharging. It seems for such a heavy machine power of the engine may not be enough, but it is not. All power, which has the largest bulldozer world is not aimed at speed, and thrust. Therefore, the engine power is sufficient. The main tool of the machine is its blade, which can be moved in the z times more rock than the standard size bulldozer. Blade capacity is 69 cubic meters. In addition if the standard sizes the machine can get stuck in front of a major obstacle, the Komatsu D575A can overcome almost any obstacle.

dumping 400 tons.wmv
Caterpillar 797B dumping a 400 ton load of bitumen rich oil sands.

Russian roads & Swedish dumper

345CL Excavator Pulls Out 2 Deere Dozers From a Canal "Stuck?"
We were trying to finish grade the slopes along a new highway when the 650H slid down the slope into the canal and the 750J tried to pull him out, an also fell in. Good thing we had the 345CL there to rip them both out.