how to blow up your nitro rc motor

flat out for 2 and a half min The motor could be fixed but cbf. It was cheaper for me to buy another off ebay

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Traxxas 3.3 Engine Failure
Sent the motor back to Traxxas already, waiting for it to come back so i can start making some vids =/

.15 Nitro engine running on WD40
Amazing! it runs on 10% methanol and 90% WD40 (wich is about the same as petrolium) But it needs a warm up time, and it doesnt run very well without extra glow power. If you want more smoke out of your engine... mix 10% WD40, youll barely notice the power drop, but it is like a smoke machine!

Here's what happens when a Nitro Engine Explodes...
Don't forget to like us on Facebook: . And if you're interested in random & pointless (but sometimes interesting) behind the scenes, check out my Vlogging Channel : 🚗 I took the Kyosho DBX Buggy out for a Spin. Last time we took it out I drove it through a deep puddle which caused a runaway when the receiver got wet (Video here: . I dried the receiver and all was ok, until today when I stumbled across a MAJOR design flaw. The position of the on/off switch is in a very bad location. Being on the side means that it's vulnerable to any stones flicking up and switching it off. Even if the switch was round the other way meaning off/on were in the opposite directions would be a better design. The Buggy ran off at full throttle, flipped up, and the engine died. Upon closer inspection, the Conrod had shattered with bits of metal flown all around the inside of the engine.

How to Install an RC Supercharger from RB Innovations
In this video, we take you step by step through an installation of a Nitro Supercharger on a Traxxas 3.3 engine, but the instructions can also be applied to any other engine. Buy it here: Available at Innovations