Second no handed wheelie.... Crazy drunk guy!!! Coo coo co

second time doing no handed wheelie.. nothing big those who stunt but a few friends wanted to see it so easiest way to show is on here.. Thanks Bordercity extreems... chatham/windsor ontario. Canada

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Drunk Guy Tries Out The Motorcycle Wheelie Machine :)
Drunk Guy Tries Out The Motorcycle Wheelie Machine :)

TOP 20 Motorcycle Wheelie FAIL Compilation 2017 Street Bike Wheelie CRASH ACCIDENTS Riding Wheelies
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Motorcycle crashes WHEELIE FAIL edition
Motorcycle crashes, wheelie edition. Some motorcycle crashes are so funny to watch, especially the wheelie guys lol. HEY WATCH ME WHEELIE....NOT. IMMEDIATE FAIL. HAHA These motorcycle crashes hurt if your not geared up, so if your attempting stunts, at least make sure you've got the correct motorcycle gear on. tags: motorcycle fail, wheelie, motorcycle crash, motorcycle fail compilation

Supermoto NO HANDED WHEELIES on the street hand drag on Wr450f mortard stunts. Motopsychos
Taylor Holland doing no handed wheelies on a 2007 wr450f