Erabbit 9.93

Erabbit testing before the diet and cage [sometime in June 2011]

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Erabbit Mexico highway burnout
Erabbit, Rehak, and Tony D hit up a highway in Mexico to have a bit of fun. Erabbits car is on 93 pump gas using MH cheater slicks and straight 26psi [zero Boost ramping lol]. If you look at 20 seconds into the video you can see marks from Erics tuning session earlier lol.

Project Whoop Ass 10.58 pump g
Realtune takes Project Whoop Ass out for the first time. First and only pass of the night brings home the Worlds Quickest Pump gas record 10.58@139. Horrible 1.85 60 foot, blowing the tires off in second and popping an intake gasket in 3rd and the car still nearly traps 140mph on 93 pump.

SRT-4 vs Ninja 600 (having fun in mexico)
Slightly disorganized fun run with my SRT-4 and a Ninja 600. SRT-4 Modifications: Bone stock long block PTE 5858 turbo @ 24 psi 1200cc injectors / walb 255 / return line 4" intake / 4" Exhaust and other supporting bolt ons

Dodge SRT4 ca. 400 HP laut dem Kunden
Tamm LB 3.3.13