Erabbit 9.93

Erabbit testing before the diet and cage [sometime in June 2011]

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ERABBIT23 and Realtune Performance 9.87@149 First 5 Speed in the 9's
With winter just around the corner on the last track day of the year we click off a 9 Second Run setting a record that can not be broken by anyone which is First 5 Speed NSRT-4 in the 9's. Thanks to AGP turbo for keeping this thing rolling with sick turbos and huge thanks to Thompson Raceway Park for the great track we had yesterday. Look out for this car and many more Realtune Cars in 2010!

ERABBIT23 and Realtune Performance 5 Speed SRT-4 Record Holder
We set out today first pass of the season from a long and cold winter. Last year the car ended the year on a 10.73@137 on a stock cylinder head. With more power and a cylinder head from DCR first pass off the street 10.29@138.88 and backed it up with a 10.10@141.8. Look for more times to come this is only the beginning of 2009! Thanks to My Sponsors: Realtune Performance (Built and Tuned in House) AGP turbo (Baller turbos) Darrel Cox Racing (Awesome Cylinder Head) South Bend Clutch (Custom Realtune Spec Clutch) N2MB (WOT Box Awesome on the Tranny) EMAIL: for all ur Performance Needs!

Erabbit Mexico highway burnout
Erabbit, Rehak, and Tony D hit up a highway in Mexico to have a bit of fun. Erabbits car is on 93 pump gas using MH cheater slicks and straight 26psi [zero Boost ramping lol]. If you look at 20 seconds into the video you can see marks from Erics tuning session earlier lol.

Project Whoop Ass 10.58 pump g
Realtune takes Project Whoop Ass out for the first time. First and only pass of the night brings home the Worlds Quickest Pump gas record 10.58@139. Horrible 1.85 60 foot, blowing the tires off in second and popping an intake gasket in 3rd and the car still nearly traps 140mph on 93 pump.