B&M Shifter Quicksilver

B&M Shifter Quicksilver Ratchet Function

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How to Shift a B&M QuickSilver Shifter
Questions? Need a product recommendation for your vehicle? Give us a call (707) 544-4761 B&M QuickSilver and QuickSilver Console Shifters - https://goo.gl/T4RM45 B&M shifters, transmissions, oil coolers, trans pans, diff covers, etc.: http://www.bmracing.com/ Features: Originally designed to be a clean triggerless and bootless shifter, the QuickSilver shifter smoothly ratchets through the forward gears all the way through to the neutral position with a sharp, uncluttered look that is reminiscent of many manual transmissions. Simply lift the stick while in drive to access reverse and park. Lift again to move from park to the forward gears - it is that simple! Shifting is smooth, easy, and safe with the QuickSilver shifter. B&M QuickSilver shifters are backed by B&M’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. -Smooth ratchet shifting -One-hand/one-step reverse lockout operation that meets NHRA/IHRA requirements -Works with forward and reverse patterns ---Application Information--- (Part #80683) - B&M QuickSilver Shifter http://www.bmracing.com/products/quick-search-results/?query=80683 Fits GM TH400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4 and 2004R. 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E, and 4L85E (for 4L60E/4L65E/4L80E/4L85E equipped with a PRNDL switch you will need optional accessory kit #75498). Ford C4, C5, C6 and AOD (AOD requires #40496 installation kit), AODE and 4R70W (AODE and 4R70W require #40504 installation kit), E40D and 4R100 (E40D and 4R100 require #40505 installation kit). Chrysler 1966 and later Torqueflite A727 and A904. Fits 4L60E when used with custom installation where an aftermarket controller is used to command the transmission. 4L60E factory neutral safety switch may interfere with B&M shift lever on 1997 and later transmissions (Part #80688) - B&M QuickSilver Console Shifter http://www.bmracing.com/products/quick-search-results/?query=80688 Fits 1973 to 1981 Chevrolet Camaro and 1970 to 1981 Pontiac Firebird with Automatic TH350/400/700R4/4L60/4L60E/4L65E/4L80E/4L85E (Part #81025) - B&M QuickSilver Console Shifter http://www.bmracing.com/products/quick-search-results/?query=81025 Fits 1968-1969 Chevrolet Camaro with Automatic TH350/400/700R4/4L60/4L60E/4L65E/4L80E/4L85E (Part #81125) - B&M QuickSilver Console Shifter http://www.bmracing.com/products/81125-bm-console-quicksilver-shifter-for-1 968-1972-chevelle-el-camino/ Fits 1968-1972 Chevelle/El Camino with Automatic TH350/400/700R4/4L60/4L60E/4L65E/4L80E/4L85E For additional information, visit our website http://www.bmracing.com or give us a call at (707) 544-4761 -Join the Conversation on Social Media- For updates and new product releases, ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BandMRacing Follow B&M on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bandmracing_official/ Follow B&M on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BandMRacing Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BMracingProducts

B&M Quicksilver shifter 68 Camaro
Gear selector dial does not sign up.

B&M Quicksilver Shifter in my 1978 Monte Carlo
Just doing throught the gears. Its a ratchet shifter

How a B&M Quicksilver works
A close up of the workings in the shifter