20G awd DSM in car w GoPro low 12's

CRANK IT! gopro barely picks up sound. just my 92 talon at st thomas dragway. runnin at 24psi on 91 octane pump gas, stock 6 bolt block(all stock internals no cams), td05h 20g turbo,dnp tubular headers with external wastegate, turbonetics ultragate 38 wastegate, ported 1g o2 housing, full 3" Exhaust, fmic 21/2" Intercooler piping, turbosmart 34mm vee port, 2g mas, 3"intake, 680cc injectors, 255 walbro, aeromotive fpr, greddy kevlar timing belt, competition clutch 2700 pp, 6 puck sprung clutch, truelite flywheel, welded centre diff, vc eliminated, chrome moly shift forks, 4bolt lsd rear diff, dsm link v2, tein lowering spring and front strut tower bar. car ran 60ft----------------1.6909 330ft--------------5.1868 et@594----------7.5059 1/8 et-------------8.0148 1/8mph----------88.43 1/4et--------------12.4788 1/4mph----------110.55 cladding blew off at the traps at about 110mph lol STILL IN ONE PIECE SWEET! mild anti lag and nlts just my first day at the track with the new old talon. its my new dd while my 97 talon gets built tranny and maybe motor over the winter

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20g DSM on Dynojet
First pull was decent until she decided to spin. 2nd & 3rd pulls were wicked rich. This was just a Dyno day, so there wasn't any tuning done. Bolt-on Modifications: 20g turbo (3" inlet comp housing & ported hotside) ▫ DNP tubular Exhaust manifold ▫ Open dump o2 housing ▫ 3'' Punishment Racing downpipe (cat delete) ▫ 3'' GReddy TI-C catback Exhaust ▫ VRSF FMIC ▫ 1g intake manifold ▫ 1g throttle body ▫ FIC 750cc injectors ▫ Walbro 255 fuel pump (STM rewire) ▫ 1g BOV ▫ Unorthodox crank pulley ▫ 4" FP intake w/ K&N FIPK filter ▫ NGK spark plugs & wires Engine Management: ECUFlash ▫ EvoScan ▫ '99 GST "Black box" ECU ▫ AEM digital wideband ▫ AEM Tru-Boost controller/gauge ▫ AEM digital 0-150psi oil pressure gauge ▫ AEM digital water temp gauge Engine Internals: ARP headstuds ▫ Kelford 272/272 cams ▫ Evo 8 springs & retainers ▫ 3g revised lifters ▫ Balance shaft elimination Drivetrain Modifications: Automatic to 5-speed transmission swap ▫ SBC SS-series 2200# PP ▫ TZ/B-series kevlar/ceramic dual friction clutch disk

Tdo5 tdo5h tdo6 tdo6sl2 tdo6h tdo6h4 20g Evo9, Dsm, Subaru
www.turbolabofamerica.com 276 952 7965 -Austin Quick run down of the turbine shaft upgrades.

WRX STi vs 20g Eclipse
stage 2 sti vs built dsm 20g

DSM Td05 20g