Worlds Fastest Cadillac CTS-V

Worlds Fastest Cadillac CTS-V, blower only, no Nitrous, manages to run a 9.68 @ 145mph! 11-2-12. ***This CTS-V holds the world record time for quickest and fastest 1/4 mile time***

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Nissan GTR Built Motor 750+hp VS CTSV Built Motor 200shot! 880+hp
Nissan GTR Built Motor 750+hp VS CTSV Built Motor 200shot! 880+hp CTSV- Stock crank, forged rods and pistons, stock hand ported heads with stock valves and stock rockers, stock porter blower @14lbs, 200 shot of Nitrous.

7 Second Corvette Z06 Street Car - Redline Motorsports
TRC has followed several of Redline Motorsports insane builds but this monster out of the South Florida based performance facility brings a whole new meaning to a sick street car! The boys from New York laid down an impressive 7 second pass at a tick under 180 mph. Fitted with a Redline built iron block 432 cubic inch engine, stuffed with all the best forged parts you can get then added some assistance from a pair of Precision 62/66 billet wheel ball bearing turbos they estimate the mill is cranking out close to 1500 horsepower to propel the 3150lb missile to these speeds. Getting all this power to the ground is where the big trick begins. Howard Tanner(Owner) partnered with long time transmission builder Rodney Massingal, owner of RPM Transmissions where the decision to yank the T56 for a 2 speed Power Glide transmission and a 9” diff. “We told Rodney we needed room for growth” Tanner explained “this setup should support close to 3000 HP so we have room to step it up for sure”. “We knew that if we were to harness this monster mill that Boost control was going to be critical.” Tanner states “We reached out to the guys at NLR to ship us out there state of the art AMS-2000 controller”. Tanner went on to explain to us that this pass was significantly watered down from prior testing as the track wasn’t having it. “We normally can lay down about 15-16 lbs of Boost but this pass we just got to 10 lbs which really kills the 60’ and 330’ times." Next time out they will be shooting for a 60’ in the 1.18 range and sub 5 second 1/8 mile. The other area they focused on was the suspension. equipped with a complete custom coil over system using AFCO “Big Gun” shocks and spent some good time getting the car balanced. The 16000 mile ZO6 is still sport its full interior, power steering and yes the A/C still works! Short of a tire change and maybe yank that chute off the back and you have one serious street machine. We can't wait to see more of this beast! Be sure to check these guys out on their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Worlds Fastest Cadillac CTS-V Battles Godzilla GTR!
The worlds fastest cadillac CTS-V takes on the infamous "MONSTRO" godzilla GTR. ***This CTS-V holds the world record time for quickest and fastest 1/4 mile time***

TX2K14 - 550HP Ariel Atom screams down Texas Speedway
550whp @ 21 psi (low Boost) 2.1 liter ecotec zzperformance engine Stage 2 zzp head. Stage 3 turbo reverse split cams Precision 6262 ball bearing billet wheel turbo Clutch masters twin disc clutch Sheetmetal intake manifold