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Trailer de troncos con grúa de carga para 220, 420, 528, 635, 750

El remolque para troncos o poestes con grúa de carga es fácil de usar y la mejor forma para cargar y transportar troncos. El remolque está acoplado a la bola de anganche del Cargador AVANT y la grúa cargadora a las tomas traseras dolbes. El remolque para leña puede ser equipado como opción, con tracción hidráulica en las 4 ruedas; esto mejora considerablemente sus aptitudes. La grúa de carga puede ser equipado con un winch a control remoto. De esta manera los troncos se pueden alcanzar desde los lugares más difíciles y el remolque no es necesario moverlo demasiado. Garcias al control remoto, un operador puede fácilmente trabajar con el winch. Carga máxima del remolque 1,500 kg Largo para la carga 2.6 m Volumen de carga 1.7 m3 Capacidad de la grúa 2.0 m: 350 kg ; 3.2 m: 250 kg Alcance 3.2 m Longitud 3.8 m Más información en http://avantmexico.com.mx


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Grúa Forestal Fuerte F380
Grúas Forestal tipo F380, grúas hidráulicas para tractor, camion y barco. remolques dorestales con o sin tracción mecánica o hidráulica.

Forest Pro -rankakärryn avainominaisuudet
Forest Pro -rankakärryn tärkeimmät ominaisuudet.

Log Grab, Avant 300-700 Series attachment
The Avant log grab mounts on Avant pallet forks. With the log grab you can lift and transport single logs or smaller timber bundles. The grab is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder and it can therefore lift bigger stones as well as branches, fence poles and similar material.

High Tip Bucket, Avant 200 Series attachment
With the high tip bucket you can reach further and higher than with a normal bucket. The bucket tips over its front edge, powered by a hydraulic cylinder. This gives a max. tipping height of 1660 mm.

Tipping Trailer, Avant 300-700 Series attachment
Avant tipping trailer is available in two models: with carrying capacity of 1200 kg or 1800 kg. Both are equipped with hydraulic tipping. All sides can be removed if necessary. Extra side set is available as an option for the smaller model, on the bigger model it is standard. ATTENTION! The loader must be equipped with the rear auxiliary hydraulics outlet: A2949 with single acting rear hydraulics, A21200 with double acting rear hydraulics.

Hauling logs, Peterbilt 378 550 3406E CAT
This is a video I made partly in response to a request I received to show the whole process of hauling logs. Shows some of the logging equipment working, to me getting to the landing to get loaded, to getting unloaded at the mill and loading the trailer. Sorry if there is anything about it you don't like. Such is life.

Timber trailer with a loader unit, Avant 200 Series attachment
Avant's timber trailer with a loader unit is an easy to use and effective way to transport logs from the forest to roadside or yard. The trailer is coupled to Avant's normal trailer coupling and the loader unit is connected to rear auxiliary hydraulics. Simple connecting means the system is easy to connect and disconnect from Avant. The timber trailer can be equipped with hydraulic 4wd which is operated with hydraulic traction roller feed. This improves off-road capabilities drastically, which is often important when driving in forest. The feed and it's direction is controlled with an electric toggle switch on Avant's dashboard. The timber loader can be equipped with a remote controlled winch, which reduces the need to move the loader/trailer unit in the forest. Thanks to the remote controll unit it is also easy to use with only one operator.

Trailer, Avant 200 Series attachment
Avant trailer with manual tipping is useful when transporting garden waste, top soil, mulch etc. All sides can be removed if necessary, which makes the trailer an excellent timber transporting vehicle. Big wheels guarantee it will travel on wet ground as well. Equipped with a rotating trailer coupling, for 50 mm ball hitch. Both single and tandem axle versions available.

Avant 220
Articulated mini loaders

Steam-powered Lombard Log Hauler at White Mt. Central Railroad,
For the first time in about 10 years, on March 19, 2011, the Lombard Log hauler was steamed up and running at the White Mountain Central Railroad at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH. Reconstructed and meticulously restored from the relics of five machines, this is one of the last of its kind in running condition. Manufactured by A.O. Lombard in Waterville, ME at the turn of the twentieth century, Lombards were the precursors to modern day crawler tractors. They were built to haul long "trains" of sleds loaded with logs from the woods to the yards.

Avant 220
Avant 220 trabajando duro

Cutter Crusher, Avant 300-700 Series attachment
Avant cutter cruscher is intended for professional demolition work. With the cutter crusher you are able to crush the concrete, brick etc. and cut the metal rebars into convinient pieces with the same tool. The cutter crusher has changeable blades in both crushing jaw as well as in cutting jaw. The cutter crusher can be rotated endlessly straight from the operators seat with the help of an adustable mechanical rotation.

Moby1 expedition trailers: Overland Expo
For some people towing a trailer is a better option than a truck camper or RV because they like being able to park all the gear at camp and have a separate vehicle to still get around in. A small trailer is fast and easy to move and for the preppers thinking of a bug out vehicle option, a trailer makes sense because you can drive your vehicle 5 days a week to work and back but if you have to bug out...your entire setup is packed and ready to go in the garage, just hook up and bug out!!! I like these tear drop mini campers because they are small and offer hard protection that soft tents dont. I am a minimalist so I gravitate to rigs like this. Big RV's can't fit a lot of places and can't turn around quickly and to me mobility is a major priority. Small rig...small target. Big rig big target...big slow target at that!

Aspiradora con cepillo para 635, 750
Esta aspiradora está pensada para recoger hojas de árboles, pasto y casi cualquier material sólido en parques, jardines, grandes predios, calles, etc. El potente aspirador absorbe los residuos primeramente hasta el fondo del recogedor y luego dentro de la caja, compactándolo todo en un pequeño paquete. En la entrada del aspirador hay un cepillo que afloja el material más compacto y las hojas húmedas. La velocidad de rotación del cepillo se puede ajustar. El cepillo aspirador se puede equipar con uno o dos cepillos laterales. Si sólo se usa uno de los cepillos laterales, este se puede montar en cualquiera de los dos laterales del aspirador. El recogedor está montado sobre el aspirador y tiene ventanas para poder ver el interior. Equipado con sistema Optifloat. Ancho sin cepillo lateral 120 cm, con un cepillo lateral 165 cm, con dos cepillos laterales 210 cm Volumen del colector 800 lts Se recomienda instalar adicionalmente el sistema A34700 en el AVANT. Más información en http://avantmexico.com.mx

Adaptador de inclinación para 420, 528, 635, 750
El adaptador de inclinación AVANT se monta entre el aditamento y la placa adaptadora. Permite al operario inclinar el aditamento hasta un máximo de +/- 12.5º Hace posible: - Hacer formas distintas en el terreno con una pala - Mantener nivelada las uñas de pallet al conducir por terrenos desnivelados - Cargar pallets en terrenos irregulares - NIvelar terreno Este adaptador está pensado prinicipalmente para accesorios que no funcionan con hidráulicos, pero con los 2 hidráulicos auxiliares opcionales delanteros es posible montar también aditamentos operados hidráulicos al mismo tiempo, por ejemplo, la pala 4 en 1. Max inclinación +/- 12.5º Más información en http://avantmexico.com.mx

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