First rd of Bounty race. Broke wheelie bars, major wheelstand.

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WHEELIE MACHINE Chevelle SS - Flying Beauty!
Many racers dream of that first moment when the front wheels LIFT OFF from the drag racing surface, the SHEER POWER and the rush of lifting your car off the ground... At the MO Fbody/Mustang Meet Race we found out Kevin Price is NO stranger to this feeling, he's had so much practice he has an instinct of when the car is headed straight while he's staring at the stars! We're a little envious of his beautiful wheelie machine dragster, I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as we did!


SRO officer on Tuesday. The day the school says I was out of line.
Here is the video so many thought I didnt have, when the school and the SRO said I was cussing and being threatening around all the kids. Nice try.. SMILE YOU WERE ON CANDID CAMERA! Again Deputy Avery Ayetes the aggressor and the disorderly one. I posted a challenge, you have video and audio, HAVE A SCHOOL OFFICIAL OR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SUBMIT ANY unedited VIDEO OR AUDIO OF ME DOING ANYTHING MORE THAN WHAT I HAVE POSTED AND I WILL DROP IT ALL AND LEAVE TOWN.

wheely fire truck!
fire truck on back wheels