1969 Corvette coupe with side pipe exhaust walkaround

69 Corvette Stingray offered by Lakeway Motors Classic Cars

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1969 Corvette 427/390 with Factory Sidepipes

Hooker Sidepipes: Glasspacks vs STS Baffles
Changed headers and sidepipes, and it sounds a lot different now!

1969 Corvette 427/390hp test drive
Seriously...are there really that many people that this car WOULDN'T appeal to?

1969 Corvette Stingray
This C3 Corvette features side Exhaust & a 350HP 350 cubic inch V8. The transmission is a Muncie 4-speed manual. This car is a blast to drive and is in need of some restoration work. Here is a project Vette you can drive and work on.