Lost trucks in Barn

30's V8 Ford Pickup and a 30's Dodge Humpback Delivery. In a falling down barn and in need of a rescue! http://nosleepatall.com/?p=221

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More old barn find, 37 Buick Conv.
1937 Buick Conv. leaving to get a new home. The red Mustang Conv. is a 1988 5,0 (TPI).

Amazing abandoned farm with old car, well, barn and house along Interstate in Pennsylvania
We saw this place as we were driving along the Highway. Saw the old car first then the house and other buildings. We quickly pulled over, made our way through some very rough terrain and found an amazing place that included a hand dug lined well, barn foundation, an old car and great house. We hope you enjoy!

Bonnie and Clyde's flathead Ford V8
A doco about Bonnie and Clyde and their favoured getaway car, the 'flathead' Ford V8.

Forgotten Shed opened after 66 years!
The Contents of this shed, that has not been open since 1955, will be Auctioned off in 2 Auctions February 22, 2011 & March 8th 2011. View the Details at www.GarlicCityAuction.com. More items not seen here will be on the auction block.