Lost trucks in Barn

30's V8 Ford Pickup and a 30's Dodge Humpback Delivery. In a falling down barn and in need of a rescue! http://nosleepatall.com/?p=221

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old cars in barn
1969 green SS Camaro and a 1968 blue RS Camaro PLEASE RATE, COMMENT,

Amazing abandoned farm with old car, well, barn and house along Interstate in Pennsylvania
We saw this place as we were driving along the Highway. Saw the old car first then the house and other buildings. We quickly pulled over, made our way through some very rough terrain and found an amazing place that included a hand dug lined well, barn foundation, an old car and great house. We hope you enjoy!

Re: What we found in the barn 1
I didn't realize you were looking for cars and I see that the popular "barn find" tag usually means a car, not racoons. We do have an old car that was left on the farm by the former owner. Its an old Dodge, so I videotaped it for you. I'm sorry that you wasted 5 minutes on the other video I hope this amke up for it a bit.

LaFerrari found in a barn
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 Today I managed to find the Ferrari LaFerrari in northern California tucked away in a random barn! There have been a lot of rumors about the car being shown in Pebble Beach during car week and with a little bit of luck my friends and I managed to find it and spend almost an hour taking pictures and video of the car. Keep an eye on BrianZuk's channel for a great video of the car as well.