Artisans of Lincoln: Len Olsen Goes Above and Beyond

In our latest Artisans of Lincoln short film we speak to Len Olson, Lincoln Master Digital Sculptor, about the creation of the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ and how the addition of "poly-razzmatazz" makes all the difference. Read more about the Artisans of Lincoln at Discover the remarkable new 2013 Lincoln MKZ at

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The newest symbol of individuality is about to go global. Hear artisans of the MKX Concept Andrea di Buduo and John Caswell talk shop on the shape of international design, the inspiration for a global motorcar, and preserving the heritage of Lincoln design DNA. For more Artisans of Lincoln visit

The Science of Sound: Revel Audio
Crafting thoughtfully designed loudspeakers involves more than just intuition. Kevin Voecks, at Revel, describes his scientific approach for creating a new dimension of immersive audio for Lincoln in the 2016 Lincoln MKX.

Grand Banks Oyster Bar
Modern Heritage on the Hudson. The last remaining saltbank fishing vessel—and the largest wooden ship in New York—has recently been restored, but it’s not what you think. Guests aboard the Grand Banks, now a chic floating oyster bar, enjoy craft cocktails, sustainably harvested oysters and seafood in the hands of a talented chef. The bar is not-for-profit and is the means for maintaining the historic ship and supporting ongoing restoration of the Hudson River. Discover more from Lincoln Black Label here: