Artisans of Lincoln: Len Olsen Goes Above and Beyond

In our latest Artisans of Lincoln short film we speak to Len Olson, Lincoln Master Digital Sculptor, about the creation of the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ and how the addition of "poly-razzmatazz" makes all the difference. Read more about the Artisans of Lincoln at Discover the remarkable new 2013 Lincoln MKZ at

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Artisans of Lincoln: Crafting Black Label
Introducing Lincoln Black Label, a new suite of sumptuous interior palettes and exterior paints for the next generation of Lincoln vehicles. Lincoln Black Label was created for individuals who are drawn to a certain kind of craftsmanship; those who appreciate the significance of space inside a seam, the warmth of a premium leather, and delicate touch of a quality fabric. Janet Seymour, Color and Design Manager for Lincoln, takes us through the origins and inspirations for Black Label and describes the craft, quality and design of the new offering – down to the very last stitch. Read more on