Dona Silvia SR20DET Starlet 7.634 @ 178.99

Dona Silvia Team does it again with their SR20VET/SR20DET Toyota Starlet with Tuning and Adjusting done by Oso Tech , New Record of 7.634 @ 178.99

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FugiTECH Dyno Run & 12.64 Record @ TTPMC Test and Tune
Video Coverage by Modzie Von Xyborg and Pradeep Ramjit. Here is one of the Dyno runs and video thanks to Modzie of the actual 12.64 pass on Saturday. Ran into driveshaft problems on Sunday on the 2nd run and mis-shifted on the first run but was still pleased with the Perfect 60ft of 1.67 on the launch, indicating a possible low 12 second pass, but still very happy with how things played off. Alot of hard work but the results was satisfying and very spot on as determined. Again thanks to my crew and all involved , assisted , supported and believed in Team FugiTECH.

TTMN Presents: Dirty Projects Brad's Birthday Drift Lime May 2017 Video Mix !!

El Graduado is back!! 6.87 secs New Personal Record!!!!!
video by **The Car is Full Metal Body, it has all the original glass windows*** Felicidades Al Team Del Graduado Is Back, Lazcano al volante, Programacion Oso Tech, convirtiendose en el Toyota Corolla 1.8 mas rapido del mundo con 6.87 segs. !!! Desde Cidra, Puerto Rico !!! Gomera El Cano !!! El Graduado !!.

Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 7.07 @ 193 MPH Worlds Fastest 4 Cylinder Starlet
Dona Silvia SR20 Starlet 7.07 @ 193 MPH !! NEW PERSONAL RECORD !!!!!! Under the Tuning Of Oso Tech the Dona Silvia Team with many trial and error passes over the past few months has finally bettered their time with an amazing New Personal Record of 7.07 @ 193 MPH !! Congratulations to the Ray, Myra , Naoimi , Bryan , Jose , Dick Sucker Omar , The Dick Sucker #2 with the black starlet, Jose #2 , Oso Tech , Chupa Tech , Import DPS , Colin ''Austin Power'' . Myself Steffan ''FugiTECH/TTMN'' Teelucksingh Crew and all involved with this car straight out of Carolina , Puerto Rico. Job well done bro !!! This done in The Latin America Sport Compacts #3 Event at the Maple Grove Raceway , USA ! Photo and updates by GRS !!