V8 Vega

A nicely set-up V8 Vega on Telegraph rd. outside Detroit. He's barely off idle and moving right along!

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1974 vega 400 small block bad ass car
for sale www.sanddriveways.com

10 sec Chevy Vega
Chevy Vega makes a 10.06 run

1975 Vega GT V8 Short Drive
Old motor and Exhaust system Watch in 720p @ 60fps!! No burnouts, no speeding, just heading over to a car show after meeting with a friend. 1975 Vega GT, 355 sbc backed by an M21 muncie and ford 9". 100% street car with race attitude. Camera is Replay 1080XD running at 720p @ 60fps

Vics 72 vega
Vics 72 vega