Funny crashes on Enduro Race Iasi 2011

Compilation with Lots of crashes on motocross enduro race from Iasi nov 2011. Music: Crazy Frog - U CAN'T TOUCH THIS

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Funny enduro falls
Funny fall over handlebars

Enduro Trouble Maker
We love to ride, especially on ours KTMs :) Facebook: Shop: Read more... Today: • Crossing a river • Hill climb of death • Edek Wide Open Throttle tribute and more! Soundtrack: 1. Rameses B - Skyrim In The Knee 2. Hans Zimmer - Time - (Instrumental Core Remix) 3. Spazzkid - Getting To Know You 4. Bi-Winning - Official Song (Charlie Sheen Interview Parody) A parody of Charlie Sheen and his Interview with 20/20. Legendary. Distributed by Fullscreen. Source: 5. Nocreeps - R.I.P 6. Toe ft. Toki Asako - Goodbye (starRo Remix) Discover the beautiful original track by toe:

Koosteessa tilanteita ISDEN maastokokeilta.

Training jump & enduro skills X-enduro Iasi
some jump for no experience boys ... in motocross field. In my backyard we do some big air jumps with these beginners. Not some freestyle jumps but crazy for them. Watch and enjoy other cool movies on my channel : Stay tuned!