Kalos / Aveo 16/04/2011 Tour Outside (Project M33 EVL)

updated vid or rear of car as well front fenders were sprayed and so was back bumper just to see what it would look like in white.

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Kalos / Aveo Exhaust Test 09/12/2012 (Project M33 EVL)
after the silencer was removed thought id see what she sounds like :p

Chevrolet Kalos Sport
this is a great little car it has a 1.2 petrol engine does about 44 mpg looks sporty feels good to drive picked this up for a great price too.

Chervolet kalos
kalos tuning

Kalos / Aveo Tour 07/06/2011 (Project M33 EVL)
Quick car tour 07/06/2011