In 400,000 miles, savings from NO OIL CHANGES pays for a gas to electric conversion! It doesn't cost that much to convert your car to electric. 400,000 miles without an oil change makes the net cost almost NOTHING.

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HHO, Pat Barber Welds Drives Cooks with it
Pat just got a RECORD DEAL! Songs from the Bus of Love is done and he's going on tour this spring with a HUGE HHO array and he will power his tour bus with it using Solar panels electricity for 24 HHO cells, not his alternator. He actually drove 14 miles using only HHO (no gasoline). After 14 miles the high amperage heated his anodes and melted the PVC fittings. He's rebuilding to get the same amperage to his HHO cell array without heating the wires. Yes. Pat can weld, drive and cook with HHO but his array is now powered with Solar Panels instead of his alternator.