In 400,000 miles, savings from NO OIL CHANGES pays for a gas to electric conversion! It doesn't cost that much to convert your car to electric. 400,000 miles without an oil change makes the net cost almost NOTHING.

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Pat Barber shows us a 120mpg 4x4

High mileage car. 376 mpg!
This is the 1959 Opel P1 experimental car. It was entered in the 1973 Shell Oil Mileage Marathon. It won by attaining 376 miles per gallon

Almost Double the mileage with small Mod
Xynergy USA claims to almost double the mileage on the Yaris

EASIEST Oil Change - No Tools and No Mess - Fumoto Drain Valve
I found a way to change my engine oil fast and easy with no mess. The Fumoto Drain Valve replaces the drain valve on your engine's oil pan and enables you to drain your oil quickly with no tools. I got my Fumoto F-106 valve on Amazon: If you are thinking of saving time and money by performing your own oil change, I strongly recommend you install one of these valves. There are a few options to choose from so go to the Fumoto website ( to find the model that fits your engine. Routine oil changes are a breeze for me now. I simply pick up the oil and filter from Walmart and do a quick oil change when I need to. THINGS YOU WILL NEED Oil and Filter Specs for my Ford E-450 V10 Engine: 6 quarts Motorcraft 5W-20 Motor Oil (Amazon: 1 Motorcraft FL-820S Oil Filter (Amazon: SUBSCRIBE for weekly RV videos and tips! SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES RV TIP VIDEOS RV SOLAR POWER VIDEOS RV UPGRADE VIDEOS Got a question? Send us a message: THANK YOU SUPPORTERS! You can help support our videos by LIKING, COMMENTING and SHARING this video. Also shop Amazon with this link at no additional cost to you: CONNECT WITH US