Monkeywrench Racing 202mph Toyota Celica

Monkeywrench Racing turbo 2001 Celica GTS Standing Mile Speed Run 25psi Boost 202 mph

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Monkeywrench Racing LSR 192mph Spin
Ohio Mile ECTA competition September 2012. Our car spun due to driveshaft failure. The car runs extreme driveshaft angles due to the unique way we have the powertrain mounted and the extreme low ride height on 26" tires. Too much for this prototype joint!

toyota celica 4WD 700hp
700hp 4wd celica

Monkeywrench Racing LSR Celica - 823whp dyno pull
MWR 2ZZ-GE 1.8L Engine + 41psi = Exciting

Monkeywrench Racing Celica GTS runs 11.58 1/4 Mile
2000 Celica GTS with Monkeywrench Racing turbo system runs a mid-11 second pass. Video quality... not so good.