Car bomb in Iraq

on patrol in Iraq

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عاجل عاجل تفجير مدينة الصدر الاولى 2013
اﻻرهاب ﻻيميز بين الناس

A Suicide Bomber in IRAQ
the asswhole didn't bomb the armed and prepared soldiers , he attacked the harmless Iraqis

Army Convoy IED Compilation
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Al Qaeda car bomb attack against checkpoint in Idlib, Syria
(Monitoring the presence of terrorist groups in Syria) (Not for Shock) (August 2012) The footage is taken from one of two videos released by Al Qaeda in Syria (Jabhat Al Nusra) in August. They depict more than a dozen attacks of various kinds and underscore the growing power and dominance of Jihadist, including numerous Al Qaeda affiliated groups, in the Syrian insurgency. The circumstances of the attack are not entirely clear. Al Nusra did not parade a suicide bomber as it sometimes does and the presence of the pick up truck behind the vehicle containing the explosives suggests the attack was either conducted by a prisoner who was used to drive the car and then blown up by those in the car behind or through the use of a remote control both to guide and detonate the vehicle. (YT moderators: My videos are designed to raise awareness of crimes against humanity in Syria. They are never posted for the sake of shock or sensationalism. They are often the only copies available to English speaking audiences. I implore you to bear that in mind should they be flagged for political reasons.)