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ford verificare egr

verificare daca supapa egr functioneaza ,rudimentar nu incercati asa ceva acasa


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2003 Ford Focus EGR system test
Tests to check the state of the EGR system and its components on most Ford models. The tests are also on this site: http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford_egr_test/ford_egr_valve_1.php Many thanks to them. Subscribe for more Helpful Videos to come.

Sistemul EGR pentru automobile
Modul de funcționare al sistemului EGR pentru automobile (BorgWarner) Pentru mai multe detalii vizitați http://e-automobile.ro

Egr hdi 1.6 psa paso 2

Ford focus cmax egr valve removal
how to remove egr valve

Egr hdi 1.6 psa paso 1
Video para ver como es una egr

curatare EGR Z12XEP

Mondeo tdci 2.0 130cv_Valvola_egr_blanking plate
Tappare la valvola egr finalmente

03-07 Ford Powerstroke EGR Valve Removal and Cleaning
How to remove a 2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke egr valve. The egr valve will sometimes cause surging or missing. It is very easy to pull the valve and check it for being coked up. Cleaning it is usually all that it takes to clear up the problem. Please visit http://www.littlepowershop.com for more information.

ford focus 1.8 tddi problem z odpaleniem
problem z odpalenie forda focusa 1.8 tddi po dłuższym postoju. po odpaleniu i zgaszeniu pali juz ok. swiece wymienione, rozrzad wymieniony, statyczny kąt ustawiony. kompresja jest. napiecie na swiecach również sprawdzone. co jeszcze moze byc uszkodzone? dziwny dzwiek pracy silnika i te chrobotanie to niedokrecona jakas obudowa która klepie.

cistenie egr zvnutra
high-def !! EGR valve cleaning, 1.9tdi VW engine 85kW. There was a boatload of soot inside. something like this builds up in three years of operation.

Glow plug inspection - Tutorial verificare bujie incandescenta defecta - simplist
Bujiile incandescente se folosesc pe motoarele Diesel - cu aprindere prin comprimare. Defectarea lor conduce la porniri dificile sau la imposibilitatea pornirilor la rece. Ele pot fi verificate in mai multe feluri, inclusiv cu multimetru. Aici va prezentam o metoda de testare simpla si la indemana. Glow plugs are used in Diesel engines - Compression Ignition Engines. Their damage leads to difficult engine startups or to an impossible cold start. They may be checked in multiple ways, inclusively with the ohmmeter. Here we present a handy and simple testing method.

How to Change the DPFE Sensor on a 2001 Ford Focus
Changing the DPFE Sensor (Delta/Differential Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor) Most shops in Dallas will charge $280 for parts and labor, but the Ford Factory part is $61 and can be changed in less than 5 minutes without any tools. Some DPF Sensors are a different shape and location, even though you may have a 2001 Focus with the same specs. The other type is $61 from Autozone.

1.6 TDCI Ford Focus Turbo
Rattling noise is emitting from the heat shield (made sure it's all bolted up tight). Can put my hand on the shield and stop it. Massive vibrations coming from the turbo in particular - there is some play in the shaft (up down left and right) not certain if there is any in and out though, hard to tell.

Ford Focus MK1 detailing by czaptan
Detailing proces took about 46 hours in 4 days. It was quite a hard work, but totally worth it. I haven't done everything I wanted, but results are rather good. Hope you enjoy it! Audio track is: Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope All credits goes to Zoo Brazil, Rasmus Kellerman and Black Hole Recordings. More info: http://www.myspace.com/zoobrazil http://www.myspace.com/rasmuskellerman

Funcionamiento de una valvula EGR
Ford Transit T350 del 2006 Su funcionamiento consiste en recircular los gases de escape de vuelta a la admision para contaminar menos, solo funciona en bajas revoluciones, por debajo de las 3000 o 2500 rpm. En el video de aprecia perfectamente como al acelerar y pasar las 3.000 rpm se cierra. Se puede anular si es mecanica (antiguamente) con cualquier chapa metalica que obstruya el paso de gases a la valvula o mediante reprogramacion si es electronica (actual) ya que si se anula por el metodo antiguo siendo electronica daria averia motor. Los contras son peor combustion ya que la mezcla no es limpia, y carboncilla al reaccionar los gases de escape con los gases de aceite provocando exceso de carboncillo llegando a atascar la propia valvula, el colector de admision y el turbocompresor, en los 3 casos daria averia motor con una perdida de prestaciones muy grande y exceso de humo negro por falta de aire en la mezcla.

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