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ford verificare egr

verificare daca supapa egr functioneaza ,rudimentar nu incercati asa ceva acasa


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Sistemul EGR pentru automobile
Modul de funcționare al sistemului EGR pentru automobile (BorgWarner) Pentru mai multe detalii vizitați http://e-automobile.ro

Anular valvula EGR Ford Mondeo TDCi TDDi
Videotutorial donde se muestra cómo anular la válvula EGR de un Ford Mondeo TDCi 130 CV del 2002. Este coche es de los primeros TDCis, por lo que la estructura del motor es similar a los TDDi. Mi válvula EGR es mecánica, no electrónica, OJO!! En el vídeo se muestra cómo se llega con el motor en marcha,se apaga, se anula la válvula EGR y posteriormente se enciende el motor comprobándose que el funcionamiento del coche es correcto. Sin trampa ni engaños. Para anular la válvula EGR tan solo hace falta aflojar 5 tornillos. No hay que desmontar nada ni mancharse las manos. Una de las ventajas de este método es que no hace falta quitar la abrazadera de la toma de aire (entre el caudalímetro y el turbo) que es una porqueria. Si hay algunas palabras que no se me entienden bien es por mi andaluz. Discúlpenme en ese caso. Un saludo a www.clubfordmondeo.es.

Ford Focus 1.8 TDDI EGR Cleaning
Ford Focus 1.8 tddi EGR Cleaning with "Wynn's egr cleaning spray" !!! The black smoke in the end is due to the fact that the guy sprayed with the engine turned off and this was a mistake from him !!!

Pulizia collettore aspirazione diesel
Questo breve video spiega l'importanza e la semplicita' di come utilizzare il nostro prodotto per pulire i collettori aspirazione e le valvole Egr per motori Diesel. Prodotto innovativo! l'unico che è inodore e funziona anche a bomboletta capovolta. Non può mancare in ogni manutenzione. per maggiori info COMMERCIALE@PRIMETECHNOLOGY.IT Visita il sito http://www.additiviblue.it/ oppure http://www.primetechnology.it seguici anche su Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prime-technology/173454319349575

Ford Mondeo MK3 TDDI 2,0L 115PS Bj 2001 Reperarur Thermostat,AGR-Ventiel,Dieselfilter
Dichtungen der Ansaugbrücke erneuern! Kleines Thermostat wechseln Großes Thermostat wechseln AGR-Ventil reinigen und überprüfen Dieselfilter wechseln

curatare EGR Z12XEP

2003 Ford Focus EGR system test
Tests to check the state of the EGR system and its components on most Ford models. The tests are also on this site: http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford_egr_test/ford_egr_valve_1.php Many thanks to them. Subscribe for more Helpful Videos to come.

How to Clean your EGR Valve (1.9)
This Episode we remove the EGR valve, give it a well deserved clean, and then refit it, to prevent it seizing up. Bought to you by - https://www.absolutemodicts.com Need Help? Got any suggestions? Discuss this episode on the AMSport forums! All posts are responded to - http://www.absolutemodicts.com/forum/ Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteModicts

How to Remove a VW 1.9 TDI EGR Valve
How to remove a VW 1.9 TDI EGR Valve, Very Simple Easy Steps. CLICK THE LINK TO BUY THE INTRO SONG : http://shop.bmacvags.com/collections/music/products/bmacvags-intro-tune

Curatare egr-clapeta acceleratie si senzor admisie

Ford Focus MK1 detailing by czaptan
Detailing proces took about 46 hours in 4 days. It was quite a hard work, but totally worth it. I haven't done everything I wanted, but results are rather good. Hope you enjoy it! Audio track is: Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope All credits goes to Zoo Brazil, Rasmus Kellerman and Black Hole Recordings. More info: http://www.myspace.com/zoobrazil http://www.myspace.com/rasmuskellerman

Curatire clapeta acceleratie 1.6 16V Focus 2
Curatire clapeta acceleratie 1.6 16V Focus 2

cistenie egr zvnutra
high-def !! EGR valve cleaning, 1.9tdi VW engine 85kW. There was a boatload of soot inside. something like this builds up in three years of operation.

egr ford focus tdci
egr ford focus tdci ford focus tdci egr valve problems egr ford focus tdci 1.8 egr valve ford focus tdci 2005 vanne egr ford focus tdci

Motore Ford Focus TDDI
Motore Ford Focus TDDI pulito dopo 246.000 KM

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