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Drift Battle - Touge Battle Special - 10 rounds

Basically 10 rounds of different Japanese sports cars race against each other in a drift battle special. All the usuals - Integra R, D1 and S15 Silvia, Esprit NSX, R34GTR, RX7. RX8 etc... what you would expect. The winding road they have chosen is at the "Gunma Cycle Sports Center" in Gunma prefecture, about 100km Northwest of Tokyo. The road has of course been closed down for the event. Excellent filming and angles, both interior and exterior shots of the action, along with the drivers feet movements inbedded in the replay. Each race is about 4 minutes. Japanese naration only, but you don't need to know what they're saying - just watch the cars drifting :-) ***Disclaimer*** "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the US Copyright Law, allowance is made for "fair use" Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." IT IS ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.


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D1史上初! 屋内ドリフト織戸vs谷口 First ever! D1GP of the indoor! Drifting Toyota SUPRA vs Altezza スープラ アルテッツァ
●今日は何の日?クルマ暦カレンダー http://carnifty.cocolog-nifty.com/day/ 史上初!屋内のD1 マカオベネチアンホテルで行われたコンベンションセン ターの中でのドリフトショー! 織戸も谷口も大興奮! First ever! D1 of the indoor!! It was held at the Venetian Macao Hotel Drift show in the Convention Center! MaxOrido NobTaniguchi also gets excited! トヨタ スープラ toyota supra altezza アルテッツァ

Battles at 10,000rpm - Best Motoring International Vol. 19

Tommi Makinen's WRC Subaru on the Touge - Get Schooled by Makinen! - Hot Version International
Rent Hot Version worldwide and on a host of devices at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hotversion Drift King meets WRC Champ, Tommi Makinen. The Touge Showdown Trio gets to ride shotgun with the WRC star on the touge. A must see on-board cam!!!

Best Motoring Hot Version - TOUGE Street 2000 Class
Japanese episode (no subs)

Touge Showdown MAX - Mine's EVO + Kei Office Silvia + Esprit NSX - Hot Version International
Go to http://gtchannel.com for more car videos and content. [English Narration & Subs] This is becoming too dangerous! The Touge MAX class are the heavy weights with 300+ HP. Super tight canyon roads with that much power.....those racers are totally insane.

Croatia Trophy 2011 Stage 1 'The Carwash'
http://toursandtales.com/muddyboots/ - a river crossing during the 60km roadbook on stage 1 of Croatia Trophy 2011. Check out the full length movie at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jpPJ2pHWKA

WRC Rally Lancer EVO vs Tuned S2000 mixed on the Touge - Best Motoring International
Go to http://gtchannel.com for more car videos and content. J's Racing S2000 challenges the WRC Mitsubishi EVO works rally car on the Touge, Initial D style! Rent Hot Version worldwide and on a host of devices at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hotversion

ハチロク極 1/6 (Hachi Roku Extreme)
ハチロク極 (Hachi Roku Extreme) http://midnightroulette.wordpress.com In episode 1, Miki Shinichiro shares with us his Hachi Roku based on the Trueno of Takumi Fujiwara in Initial D. ______________________________________________ The legend that is the Hachi Roku. A treasure, inside and out. The production code originally given to the car (AE86) has come to be the name by which the car is known by amongst enthusiasts and admirers alike, 'hachi roku' (8-6). Ever since it's official production from 1983 to 1987, the Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno continue to enjoy a large following worldwide. One aspect which has helped Boost this popularity amongst the younger generation in recent years is the Japanese cartoon series 'Initial D'. The story evolves around the hero of the series, Takumi Fujiwara, and his adventures in the Hachi Roku. So what is it exactly that still manages to attract people to the immortal lure of the Hachi Roku? With the help of Hachi Roku owner of 10 years and voice actor Miki Shinichiro who plays Takumi Fujiwara in the Initial D animated series, this six part series will endeavor to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding the car's popularity. 走る伝説ハチロク。その魅力を徹底解剖!AE86=ハ チロク。それは「走る」オトコの憧れ、そして愛され、 走り続ける「生きる伝説」。1983年にトヨタが発売 したカローラレビンとスプリンタートレノの車輌型式。 それがAE86だ。「ハチロク」の通称で呼ばれ、87 年のモデルチェンジ以降も愛され、さらに人気マンガ「 頭文字D」の主人公・藤原拓海が駆るクルマとして、現 在でも若い世代にも人気の、不滅の名車である。 これほどまでに人を惹き付けるハチロクとは一体何なの か?番組ではその魅力を徹底解剖!パーソナリティーは アニメ「頭文字D」の藤原拓海役で知られる人気声優・ 三木眞一郎!自ら10年来のハチロク乗りであり、現在 の愛車にいたってはナントそのまんま「頭文字D」仕様 のトレノというハチロクファンだ

VW Golf R32 Turbo 555hp 0-300 km/h
VW Golf Mk5 R32 turbo 555hp / 580Nm. 300 km/h max speed on german autobahn. Car description here: http://goo.gl/bfPYw

Amazing Japanese Drift (JZX100 vs B324R vs AE86)
toyota jzx 100 vs b234r vs AE86..this was just a test by the 3 best drifters of japan.

Orido Crashes Seeker EG6
Orido crashing the seeker EG6. given the facts orido is still a very good driver and i still respect his skills.

Civic Type R Returns - Best Motoring International Vol. 32

Illegal street race / Japan - Skyline
Illegal awesome street race and drift. Car - Nissan Skyline. Night racing around Tokyo. Onboard video. Enjoy!

Touge Showdown 2 - AE86 vs Skyline GT-R - Hot Version International
Rent Hot Version worldwide and on a host of devices at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hotversion AE86 vs R34 Skyline GT-R, S15 Silvia vs MR-S, ITR vs S14 Silvia. Watch the first season of the Touge series!

Drift Hobby - Tiago Romano - ECPA Box
Drifter Tiago Romano at the entrance of the pits at the track ECPA in Piracicaba / SP. This scene was recorded when the driver returns to the pits at the end of his training on track. There was no testing or preparation for this moment. The front bumper crashed during training at the track after hitting the zebra lane. Drifter Tiago Romano na entrada dos boxes no autódromo ECPA, em Piracicaba/SP. Esta cena foi gravada quando o piloto retorna aos boxes ao finalizar o seu treino na pista. Não houve ensaio ou preparação para que este momento. O front bumper caiu durante o treino no autódromo, depois de bater na zebra da pista. Video of Drift Hobby, Tiago Romano's drifting team in Brazil. Ours drift cars: 350z Pink Biturbo, 350z Veilside Supercharger and 370z Supercharger. Watch more: http://youtube.com/alphadrift Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=alphadrift Facebook http://facebook.com/drifthobby Website http://drifthobby.com

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