Onboard Chevrolet Supercars ME Raed Raffii wins at Bahrain Race 2 Highlights

http://www.driver-coaching.com - Onboard the Chevrolet Lumina V8 Supercar of Raed Raffii (Batelco Racing Team) as he is victorious in Race 2 of Round 1 of the Chevrolet Supercars ME Championship. New for 2010/2011 is the ceoncept of teams in this Championship. Now a team leases 2 cars and run and engineer them themselves. I was again working as Driver Coach to Raed as well as Mohammed Matter both of the Batelco Racing Team. It was a completely new challenge for the Batelco team who had been successful in karting but never taken part in anything like this before. A great achievment to secure a win in their first race weekend. Video is captured on a 4-Cam Video4 setup from Race-Technology. I use this system extensively in my driver coaching where we are able to compare data & video down to minute detail to help the driver improve at a faster rate. Fans of Gran Turismo will recognise the dash overlay :) Why not subscribe to my channel for the very best onboard videos on Youtube, over 270 videos already uploaded and new ones posted every week, from race series' and trackdays all over the world. http://www.youtube.com/maxxuk If you enjoy this video please consider adding it as a favorite or giving it a thumbs up :) THANKS

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Onboard: Raed Raffii - V8 Supercars ME - Bahrain GP (Dec 2009) - Race 1
http://www.driver-coaching.com - Onboard with Raed Raffii in Race 1 from the Bahrain Speed Weekend in his 09 Class Chevy Lumina V8 Supercar. Raed was having severe problems with his braking so was having to brake very early. Despite this he finished in 3rd place after a great early race battle with Mohammed Al-Owais. Video was captured via a Race Technology VIDEO4. This video was using an experimental camera which produced very good colour separation but was lacking in other areas. Also note this video has been cropped, stretched and triple encoded which has also lost further quailty. Look for more Onboard action from the V8 Supercars Middle-East series on my channel from Raed, Abdulaziz Al-Yaeesh and Husam Al-Saleh.

race-media.tv Onboard Classix: Corvette Z06 Markus Grossmann VLN 10. Lauf 2008 Nordschleife
race-media.tv Onboard Classix: Corvette Z06 Markus Grossmann VLN 10. Lauf 2008 / Nürburgring-Nordschleife (c) race-media.tv

Onboard Yas Marina Chevrolet V8 Supercars ME - Abdulaziz Al-Yaeesh - Rnd5, Race 2, Part 1 (of 3)
http://www.driver-coaching.com - Onboard the Chevrolet Lumina V8 Supercar of Abdulaziz Al-Yaeesh during Race 2 of Round 5 held at the fabulous Yas Marina Circuit in Abu-Dhabi UAE. After an incident at the start involving Tarek ElGammal and Raed Raffii Abdulaziz takes the lead but this is short lived as professional Aussie V8 Supercar driver Micheal Patrizi manages to get by. Aziz gives chase and keep the Aussie driver honest but just can't catch him. Although finishing 2nd on the road it was effectively a win for the Saudi driver as Patrizi was just guesting in the series and Aziz had beaten all the registered drivers. Video system used is the VIDEO4 system from Race-Technolgy, supplied and fitted by driver-coaching.com

VIVA Racing Team - WGA Chevrolet Supercars championship Bahrain
I joined VIVA Racing team @ the BIC ( Bahrain International Circuit ) to capture few moments from Round 2/Race 2 of the WGA Chevrolet supercars championship, the video splits into 3 parts: preparation, qualifying & the 2x races. Special thanks to: - VIVA Racing team & crew - Tariq Zainal for the great photos Shot with Canon 600D Canon 50MM 1.4 Canon 18 - 135 3.5 shot @ 24 & 60fps ISO 100 - 800 Shutter speed 50, 125 & 200