focus rs handbrake turn,russ swift

ford focus rs doing hanbrake turn parking,

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Focus duel
Focus race in Nice.

Paul Swift Handbrake Parking a new Focus RS at Trax Show. Paul Swift Parallel Parking Stunt in a Focus RS at Trax Show, Silverstone in September 2010

Ford Focus RS500 Supersprint Exhaust
Ford Focus RS500 2.5i 2010 Catback Supersprint Exhaust: - Cod. 855413 - Centre Pipe / Tubo Centrale - Cod. 825504 - "Racing" Rear Exhaust / Scarico Posteriore "Racing" - Cod. 825514 - Endpipes Kit R.+L. 120mm / Uscite tonde Dx+Sx 120mm Maha 4x4 Rolling Road Max 800 Hp

Possibly the best driving ever!! lol
Managed to get out of the tightest parking space!!