A Chevy is unreliable at the drags---Get yourself a 79 Dodge Aspen Slant 6 grocery getter and win!

Time-trial at Gathering of the Geezers at Kil-Kare Dragway in Xenia, Ohio, August 23. There are usually lots of mis-matches like this one in time-trial pairings--a stock 110-hp Slant 6 Dodge Aspen 4-door sedan up against a hot 56 Chevy. Nobody's laughing at the Granny car now! Guess those Slant-sixes are more reliable than Bowtie powertrains.

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1980 Dodge Aspen R/T
Just got it home after sitting in a farm field for 10 years and a driveway on stands for 6 years. Started right up (with new battery) then drove on 16 year old gas. I bet new engines wont do that.

1978 Dodge Aspen Drag Race
Niles West High School Racing Team

11 second Slant Six Valiant Station Wagon - Mopars North of the Gate 2009
11 second Slant Six Valiant Station Wagon - Mopars North of the Gate 2009

1976 Plymouth Volare Commercial with Sergio Franchi same as Dodge Aspen
Motor Trend Car of the Year in the USA for 1976! Okay, don't start commenting on what a crappy car this was. Yes, 1976 was not a good start for the Volare. Many recalls, rusty fenders in just two years of ownership and poor initial quality on fit and finish. But that being said, this car eventually morphing into the Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Grand Fury and Chrysler New Yorker would go on all the way till 1989. A 1976 Volare Front Door or Windshield will fit a 1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue. In the Gran Fury form and Diplomat form, they were demanded by Police Departments and Taxi Cab Companies. It was a very bad entry into the market, but it did redeem itself. Sergie Franchi did to the Volare what Ricardo Montebahn did for the Chrysler Cordoba.