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Shelby Cobra 427S/C - That Cam is Music to my Ears!!!

1965 Shelby Cobra 427S/C For Sale www.bam427.com - 786 285-9747 Contemporary Cobra with New Ford FE 428/450hp Motor Ford Top Loader 4 Speed Manual Transmission Jag IRS with 4 Wheel Disc Brakes


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For Cobra Lovers - "SPEAKERS ON"
Watch and listen to a group of about a dozen vintage Shelby Cobras.

427" Stroker Small Block Shelby Cobra
427" Stroker Small Block Ford, the whine you hear is a Gear Drive which kind of gives it a really cool sound. The whine combined with the sidepipes makes for a fun experience behind the wheel....I like cars with a good sound but not Obnoxiously "HEY LOOK AT ME!!" loud...when you get it right, everybody smiles when you pull up or go by. It's funny that in the video the car looks purple and white but to see it with your eyes the car looks almost black with just hints of the blackberry pearl reflecting off the curves and the stripes are a silver pearl. The color flips from the blueish purple to a reddish 'black cherry' color depending onthe time of day but from a distance it looks black. You can tell (like my 517" Charger) that Stroker motors (Small Blocks AND Big Blocks) built-right will rev VERY QUICKLY and provide you with both Great Torque and Awesome horsepower. Build the bottom end for Torque and put really good flowing heads for the horsepower, it's an awesome combination every time. Thanks for Watching! www.streetwizeperformance.com

1966 Cobra 600HP listen to this BEAST
Dual 4bbl. 427 600horsepower

Take A Ride: 1965 Shelby Cobra
Cold Weather. Hot Engine. Big Daddy's Dream Car.

Contemporary 427SC Cobra
This car is my homage to the legendary 427SC Cobras and Carroll Shelby, a very accurate replica with stunning Iris Blue paint, Wimbledon White racing stripes and a Ford big block, 428 Cobra Jet engine. It is a unique offering for a superb driving machine, a veritable piece of American ingenuity and sports car history. For those who know. Among knowledgeable Cobra aficionados, the Contemporary Classic Cobra is regarded as one of the finest replicas ever produced because of the accuracy of the body and round-tube frame, quality of the engineering and construction, the authenticity of its appearance and the scintillating feel of the driving experience. This car features the famous big-block Ford 428FE Cobra Jet (an improvement over the 428FE Police Interceptor motors that were used alternately with the 427FE side-oiler in original 427 Cobras). It has been balanced and blueprinted, completely rebuilt from the block up with all new bearings and the finest components. No expense has been spared. Note that all original 427 Cobras used Ford FE engines, both 427s and 428s. To achieve authenticity in a Cobra replica you need to have an FE engine and this immaculate 428FE Cobra Jet meets that requirement. And when you put your foot into it, it sounds ferocious and things start happening very quickly. Made in the USA, this is an extremely strong, double-bonded, steel-tube reinforced Contemporary fiberglass monocoque body with thoroughly authentic proportions, the firm's body molds and tooling were created from the founder's original SC Cobra, CSX3045. You shouldn't miss this opportunity to own one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Contemporary 427 SC Cobras ever constructed. It's a first-class show-stopper, a true time machine that will provide you with high-spirited driving and is sure to etch a permanent smile on your face. For more information with all the specs and details: www.cobracountry.com/cobra4salefolder/edwards-contemp/ Update: This Cobra has been sold and is now on its way to a its new owner in Niederwil, Switzerland - 8/8/2011 PS: The microphone is picking up the engine bay noise of the solid lifters as well as the sound from the side pipes, a bit further away from the mic. This is my first attempt at a video on YouTube and I swear the source footage clips aren't as jerky as the final video. But what the heck! I hope you enjoy.

shelby cobra 427!
This is a 85' Contemporary Replica. Motor was recently rebuilt with over 500 horses to the rear wheels. Has original Le Mans rods. Low idle.

427 Shelby Cobra idling

ChopperChad VS Origanal Shelby 427 Cobra
2009 Shelby GT500 VS Shelby 427 Cobra

1965 Shelby Cobra + 700 HP + Kirkham + Fast
Replica 1965 Shelby Cobra owned by Len B, produced by Kirkham Motor Sports. The car only weighs 2100 pound due to its aluminum body which is made in Poland at a former MIG aircraft factory. The cars weight is also low due to aluminum suspension and motor. The motor is a Shelby aluminum block 427fe which produces 700 horse power (i.e., FAST) !!! That is the same power to weight ratio as a bullet bike. To the dismay of several bullet bike riders; Len likes to show them who is "the boss" in a race from time to time.

shelby cobra out of control crash at the 1/4
shelby cobra out of control

Original 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C LOUDEST ENGINE EVER
1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Driving on the A287 near Odiham, flat out off the roundabout then stops in the road and floors it to about 120mph. You have to be there to comprehend the noise that this car makes. The noise itself is world renowned as one of the best engine sounds ever. For photographs of this Shelby Cobra 427 follow the link to my Flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/55554510@N04/sets/72157626230956536/ Configuration: Water cooled V8 Displacement: 6997 cc Brake horsepower: 550 bhp+ @ 6000 rpm Torque: 570 ft lbs @ 2800 rpm Top Speed - 165 mph 0 - 60 mph - 4.0 seconds 0 - 100 mph - 8.2 seconds

Shelby AC Cobra 427
427SC Cobra replica by B&B. Indigo Blue/white stripes. Professionally built. Notice to California residents: this Cobra was originally registered under the coveted "SB-100" (California Senate Bill 100)—and you can bring it back into California under SB-100—that means no smog certification, no California registration hassles for the life of the car! Under the hood: balanced 351 Ford Windsor, custom block and headwork, Comp 455 lift & 268 duration cam, Keith Black forged aluminum pistons (9.25:1 compression), hardened seats, bronze valve guides Clevite bearings, FelPro gaskets, Dynagear oil pump, Cloyes Tru-Roller dual-roller timing chain, Seal Power rings, Manley valves, Comp valve springs and retainers, forged connecting rods with ARP rod bolts, serpentine pulley system, bright Jet Hot Coated headers & sidepipes, Edelbrock Performer 750 cfm carburetor, complete MSD billet igniton system, (billet distributor, 6AL and Blaster), aluminum Cobra valve covers with polished fins and insignias, Stellings & Hellings chromed air cleaner (as per original), aluminum oil cooler with braided lines and blue/red fittings, electric 16" pull-through radiator fan-mounted onto an oversized 4-core recoverable radiator with recovery system. Over 400 horsepower. BIG Photo of powerplant: Click Here! Engine compartment is completely finished off with scratch-resistant bed liner spray; wiring is covered in tubing. Geartrain & suspension: new Centerline clutch system, new Borg Warner T-5 five-speed gearbox with high-performance components and Power Shift adjustable short-throw linkage; tubular front suspension with chromed Carrera adjustable coil-overs, shortened 8.8" Lincoln Versailles rear-end with tubular trailing arms and chromed Carrera coil-overs and 4-wheel disc brakes. Rolling stock: Halibrand-style wheels (front 7", rear 8") shod with high-speed rubber: 225/50Rx16" in front, 240/50Rx16" in rear. Paint: four coats Indigo Blue metallic basecoat with bright white stripes, six coats clearcoat, wet-color sanded and buffed. Show quality jambs, trunk, hood and exterior. In the cockpit: Allante black leather bucket seats and padded leather dash, black carpet with padding and interior insulation, Moto-Lita hardwood/aluminum steering wheel, AC pedals, original-style reverse Mustang shifter and 2-pt. racing lap belts. Cobra insignia floormats. BIG Photo of cockpit: Click Here! Hardware (all original-style): windshield and windwings, dash rearview mirror, side rearview mirror, windshield wipers, door/hood/trunk latches, chromed rollbar, head/tail license plate lights as well as Faria cockpit gauges (rpm/mph/oil/volts). Trunk: Completely finished off with the same interior carpeting and padding. This car was professionally assembled by James Rodman and the team of automotive experts at Southwest Performance.

0-100mph Shelby Cobra
0-100 mph in about 7 secs. My Backdraft Cobra - 427ci Roush Racing engine 575 hp 550 tq 2,200 lbs, 6 speed, drag radials. Scary fast!!! Loud!!!!

Shelby Cobra - The Engine Sounds Wild
http://www.kitcarconnection.com - James Martell takes his Shelby Cobra replica for a cruise. I decided to post this video for all the viewers of my other video who complained about the engine being drowned out by the music. They have a point. The engine noise of a Cobra with the famous sidepipes is music enough to a car enthusiast. If you are looking to hear a the roar of the engine this is your video. The car in the video was built in 2004 in Calgary, Alberta by Peter Jacobsen using car a Mk2 Roadster kit from Factory Factory Racing. The car is powered with a 302 crate engine from Western Motorsports in Calgary, Alberta. About James Martell is the Publisher of KitCarConnection.com, a website devoted to kit cars and replicas. James Martell has long been an admirer of Carroll Shelby and his cars. As an avid fan, he owns a Shelby Cobra kit car that he drives in his leisure time. In his spare time he attends car shows, works on his website, and spends time with his family. Visit: http://www.kitcarconnection.com The video was filmed in Surrey BC Canada.

Hot Superformance Shelby 1965 427 SC Cobra Replica for Sale now!
Absolutely stunnng, top quality Replica of a 1965 427SC Cobra by Superformance. You can't tell the difference from a real one and this one is available for sale at a fraction of the price. This monstrous 406has the super FE option and pushes out over 510 hp. This car will push you back in your seat and leave you crying with excitement!!!! Asking price is $57,900 and you can't build one of this quality for that price. Serious buyers can call me at 770-712-1326 for more info.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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