911 Rapid Response, Sallada Services, Hide A Leds, Code 3 Visor LIght, Whelen

Lights and pushbar installed by Sallada Services

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911 Rapid Response, Ford Expd. Lawnton Fd
Built by 911 Rapid Response

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Here is the new Code 3, Inc. Visor Flip Light in action.

Many R.C.M.P. responding code 3 Lights & Sirens
R.C.M.P. responding LIGHTS & SIRENS to emergencies in and around the Moncton area.

GBFD R24 + R25 With M25 + C2142 + E139 Responding
Golden's Bridge Fire Department Rescue 24, Rescue 25 with Marine 25, Car 2142, and Engine 139 responding to a an ice rescue involving three ice fishers on the Muscoot Reservoir in the area of Plumbrook Road in Somers, New York. While a police officer hanging from a helicopter tried to get one man from the water, he fought back because the hypothermia was affecting his brain, and he pulled the police officer in as well. Car 2141, Car 2143, and Engine 138 also responded from the Golden's Bridge Fire Department, but are not seen in this video. Along with that, Somers Fire Department Rescue 38, Ambulance 80B1, Ambulance 80B2, Ambulance 80B3, Yorktown Rescue 55, Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps Ambulance 67B2, Westchester EMS 45-Medic-1, 45-Medic-2, and 45-Medic-3, and Battalion 13 also responded, but are not seen in this video. Also, a rescue helicopter was flown into the scene from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York. Also, one ambulance from Mohegan Volunteer Ambulance Corps covered for Somers at their quarters. Engine 168 from South Salem covered for Golden's Bridge at their quarters. All three ice fishers and the one police officer were pulled from the ice, and transported ALS to Northern Westchester and Putnam Hospitals. The units seen responding are: Rescue 24 - 2000 Spartan/Rescue 1 Rescue 25 - 2008 Chevrolet Suburban Marine 25 - Boat (15ft) Car 2142 - 2005 Chevrolet Suburban Engine 139 - 2008 Ford F550 Super Duty/4-Guys (500/300) This video was taken on March 4th, 2013.