Sho Powered Sandrail

Extremely Fast Sandrail

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Turbo SHO takes on several worthy challengers
Toolman '90 SHO turbonetics 430WHP and 412FT-LBS Lightning 418WHP and 509FT-LBS C5 Corvette with LS6 conversion 450HP SHOMurph '92 SHO 3.0L Vortech 442WHP and 340FT-LBS Texantony '92 SHO 3.2L Vortech 430WHP and 350FT-LBS

The engine is done after 11 years Day 1 1974 Datsun 260Z 3.0L Ford Taurus SHO. RWD Super Charged ++ thanks. Ian

How to blow your SHO
Flying through some high speed roads in New Mexico. Slowed down toward the end of the video because the engine had thrown a rod and started making a really bad clacking noise...

Off Road SHO wheelie
Too much torque and traction.