Kawasaki Ninja ZX10-R No Exhaust

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R with the Exhaust pipe taken off. **To clear up (repeated) misconceptions, this is literally a steel pipe from AutoZone that was intended to be a car's Exhaust pipe tip. It isn't an aftermarket Exhaust, or shorty Exhaust etc etc. Its an empty steel pipe screwed on

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR Screamer
Anthony West tests the screamer powered Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR at Jerez.

Gsxr 600 No muffler
Took off my yoshi and just running a straight pipe

T-mobile Bike From The Commercial/ ZX10 with 360 kit
T-Mobile bike from the T-Mobile commercial in reference to the 4g speeds and the Iphone. The bike is a 2007 zx10 completely customized by V.I.P. Alliance with a 360 single sided CandS swing arm and V.I.P. Alliance wheels. After being paid from the commercial I added a single sided swingarm, the air-ride, and removed the mirrors. Has a platinum AirRide system, and the Paint was done by Buddah Paint in OC. Bike was all white at 1st, and was seen on a website and V.I.P. was contacted for negotiations in reference to painting the bike T-Mobile colors for a commercial opportunity. I appreciate all the work done on the bike, and I LOVE MY HATERSSS! This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

110908-ZX-10R@BEET NASSERT-R Evo Slip-on
2011年式ZX-10R ABS無し BEET NASSERT-R Evo スリップオン 吸気 その他 ノーマル 撮影 Xacti DMX-CG65