coscast 4.0 litre Rover V8 engine with SU carbs on our testbed

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Special 4.6 Stage 3 on our Testbed.
This is one of our 4.6 Stage 3's with some newly developed heads. For more info visit-

Rover V8 engine started on the floor. Holley, Offenhauser and electronic ignition. No Exhaust pipes
A silly thing to do of course but starting a Rover V8 on the floor is very satisfying. At least you know it will be worth dropping in to a project if it works.

Land Rover 4.0 recomendations
This video is to explain the importance of oils in the Land Rover. I tell my personal recommendations, and how to increase the longevity of the engine. These are just my recommendations, they have always worked for me. If you want to increase your engine life, follow these recommendations. I guaranty you will increase the life of the engine.

My Rover SD1 V8
A quick video of firing the old girl up after fitting some SU carbs