turbo ford laser losing traction (DIZZLE KUSTOMS)

my turbd 1994 tx3 .worked.20psi tial wastegate straight cut 3rd gear lsd box no traction

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H2O Dance! Accord Turbo Ford Laser Turbo,beauty Golf GTi, Integra non Turbogreen Civic.MP4
H2O Droce Bogota, Rolling Dance Accord turbo: Ford Laser turbo:beauty Golf GTi, Integra non turbo:green Civic

Ford Laser GTX 4wd 0-100 Mazda BG GTR Turbo Mataro Road Taranaki Car Club Hill climb Urenui.wmv
www.taranakicarclub.org.nz AW11 MR2 turbo on same course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czjn1LBs8Gg&t=1s For Sale on www.trademe.co.nz 0-100kph 4sec (Gizmo shift control not activated here) 245wkW on DynaPack Dynomometer Thanks to Dave at www.rotech.co.nz Ross at Dobsons www.Dynotune.co.nz www.automilker.co.nz No thanks to: failed welded shaft (front diff housing) by www.precisionengltd.co.nz Results eventually at www.taranakicarclub.org.nz This is Run 3 with Amanda 1min31s FTOD Certainly room for improvement all the way to the bridge Albins dog engagement gear set Shift light & speeds yellow @7000rpm: 67,95,125,167, 210 kph blue @7500 : 72,102,134,179,225 limit @8000 : 76,108,142,190,240 Camera is Mini DV Tape Panasonic NV GS75 with Wide Angle lens. Seems to make it look slower than standard lens. www.rotech.co.nz www.Dynotune.co.nz www.automilker.co.nz

4wd turbo laser
Laser at the grafton hillclimb

25PSI turbo Ford Laser 0-100 mph
Just watch this video lol!!!