84 Buick Regal Build, Part 1

350 11:1 compression, custom built 416 heads, Voodoo 60105 cam, and the standard bolt ons

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84 Buick Regal Build, Part 2
fuel adjustments made, idle set, ready for DS and trans prep

225 horsepower 1987 camaro 388 sbc with 3'' single exhaust
1970 350 block .060 over, scat 3.75" crank, scat 5.7" h-beam rods 18cc dish pistons, 210cc gm aluminum fastburn heads, lunati voodoo 60105 cam with 1.6 rockers, vortec rpm intake with a 4779 holley 750 dp carb. msd ignition 3500 stall 350 turbo trans and 4.56 rear gears. no run time with new gears yet.

Lunati 60105 Break-in.mov
This is a long and boring video.........Flat Tappet hydraulic camshaft in my 72 chevy c-10 lwb. Initial start up/break-in with new lifters installed. This cam has since been replaced with a 385 stroked roller motor but I will always remember this voodoo stick as one of the baddest! The neighbors might not have such fond memories but, whatever. I didn't take out the inner valve spring (see lazy), but it turned out okay thanks to rotella with zinc and a bunch of break in lube smeared in all the right places. Run this cam with higher stall and some gear and 1.6 rollers and beef up your valvetrain as much as you can afford and it will be less temperamental and a lot of fun in your 350, 355 small block.

backyard build; 1984 buick regal project
just a quick intorduction to my current project,a 1984 buick regal........i babble and talk stupid but this may improve as i get used to talking to the camera.