Evo 8 3" SS Straight Pipe

*Stock Gasket Port Matched Headers *SS o2 Housing *RMR 3" Downpipe *3" SS Test Pipe *3" Custom Fabricated SS Catback 100% Straight Pipe No Cat No Resonators or mufflers. Made From Sanitary SS pipe. And Has Sanitary Welds

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Evo Straight Pipe With Cams
HKS Intake Downpipe+Resonator GSC 280's e85 see more of my car on instagram @poor_kid http://forums.evolutionm.net/sale-cars-sale/637599-2003-lancer-evolution-te xas.html

6466 Evo GSC S3's 4in Straight Pipe
Quick vid of my new 4in straight pipe, JMS Racing 4.5in FMIC and E85 cold start in 40 degree rainy weather ... Tuned by Chris of SlowPoke Tuning (Stock ECU 900whp) Cold idle, in car driving, warm idle clips

My 94 Supra with 4" Straight Pipe

Neighborhood menace, Red Evo with no exhaust
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU LEAVE DUMB IGNORANT COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The car's downpipe got a huge dent in it so I took the Exhaust off to have it fixed. But in the mean time, I had to take it out for a spin! We had some people ask how the car sounds without the Exhaust. We live in the middle of nowhere so why not. Part 2 is with a black Evo- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWp5vAdRcwI