Canyon 3.5L MBRP Catback AFTER custom header

Canyon 3.5L MBRP catback, custom intake, custom header

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2004 GMC Canyon 100% L.E.D.
Over a years time I have converted my canyon to 100% led lighting. There isn't a single halogen bulb left.

GMC Canyon 3.5L MBRP exhaust
2005 GMC Canyon 3.5L with MBRP single side exit Exhaust, custom header, and a K&N FIPK.

GMC Canyon Trail
GMC Canyon trail view from inside cab...short trail entrance.

Chevy colorado borla exhaust power
This video was taken on a closed road after leaving a filming location I worked at...basically its a joke and is ill advised to reinact...enjoy....can't wait to drop a v8 in this thing and get it on airride